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quick question: is there a general rule of thumb for how many buildings you should build when you expand or like how many you should start building when you expand. i have this tendency to build too little or too much. Any advice would help

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Hi ChubbyPanda
The general rule of thumb is that each fully saturated base can provide resources for 3 buildings with add-ons. The best way to tell if you have enough production is that your money will stay low. If your resources are starting to pile up you need more production buildings. All of us have a macro lapse for one reason or another that makes your money pile up, then you can build a few extra production buildings because you have the resources in the bank to keep the production flowing. Hope this helps
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At 2 base you should be able to support 6 rax and a starport while upgrading.

If you are meching 4 factories .
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You should also add extra production beyond what you can sustain when it goes into the late game so you can take full advantage of that bank-roll to remax as quickly as possible after an engagement. In TvP I frequently go up to 20+ barracks so the zealot/archon remax isn't as scary.
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