I have recently began an arcade project, based on one of my favorite games. It will function identically as the original have.

This arcade is a board game where players take turns moving across board spaces from a dice roll as a single playable characters (unit, respectively). each space a player lands on has an effect depending by it's type (color/icon). at the end of each turn a "mini-game" begins, which is randomly selected based on the spaces players landed on. It then repeats for a given number of rounds, at the end of the game the winner is decided from who gained the most.

Guess where this is going at? lol

Current Progress:
Right now it is under heavy development with some features already completed.

Screenshot of Alpha Build process:

A fully functional Adventure Board generation is implemented through newly designed functions, Example:

Create a Type Space at Point as board space 0-255.
This will take a point from the map, which is what the mod works from, and generate into a board space with all necessary flags automatically. The board space number is a unique ID system where all information on the spaces are stored for callbacks.

Create one waypoint from board space 0-255 to board space 0-255.
This will connect one board space to another one by ID, automatically generation association again stored by the system. Done in sequence, your board units will follow them automatically.

I have set a cap of 255 spaces as a limit for memory sake, enough for a larger map.

Right now the dice rolling is done by typing "roll", which randomizes from 1-10. The unit then proceeds along the board spaces as systematically set up.
The system knows which space you`re on and what kind it is.

Currently Under Development:
- Implementing each space type their respective mechanics.
- Mini-games & associated board mechanics.
- Game rounds system.
- Begin multiplayer aspects.
- Possibly AI Players.
- Design new appropriate UI.
- Design new assets proceeding StarTools launch.

(The list above may change over time)

All questions, suggestions, criticisms, or concerns are welcome!

EDIT: Seems someone already beat me to the idea, either lifted or just coincidence, it's done now.
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