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OOC: anything I can join in on?
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Give me a rough estimate of where you are and I can line up a C6TV camera spot ya.
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If your guy can enter limbo, then theres a fight going on. Tycho, Dante and Xenros are fighting a bunch of demons.
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I'm on top of some 3-5 story buildings, running among the roofs looking for something to kill.

In the city, New Haven
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Well, SF is engaging a different kind of demon than you and me. And I'm just there for reference purpose.

Edit-And I meant location.
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reference purpose


BTW, did you miss SF and my posts at the bottom of the previous page?
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Yes, yes I did.

IC: The Dreamrunner falls, dead. While Tycho is distracted by the one Stygian, a Death Knight appears, about to strike him down but I catch the attack on Takeo. "Ohhh, no you don't." Pushing it back, I begin fighting it.
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With a grunt, I yank the battered Stygian back towards me. With the same motion, I leap forward and stab my knife hilt deep into it's chest.
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As I peer into the alleyway that held the muggers and the man I activated my psionics, "My god..." I whispered as I saw a massive fight between three combatants vs a multitude of oncoming enemies, the ones charging were cut down by the obviously better trained combatants, deactivating my psion vision I saw no one there in the alley.
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As the Stygian shatters, I turn and send a length of chain through one of the holes in the death knight's shield, locking in place. With a yank, I pull the thing off balance, leaving it vulnerable to the other Nephilim fighting with me.
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It was my duty as Seer to see.... My mentor died of last year, being alone from the world as any teenage could've been. Even in a city like this, I was still lost to everyone... None could be trusted, and not without a question. I don't have friends to accompany me...

Taking a peek into both past and future... Not for long as it could do something to me, that's when I spotted something leading up to an confrontation... Five seconds in. While they were fighting.... One of the devilish creatures turned towards me... How could they see me? I wasn't even real in that fight...

It's eyes burning right through me, my vision growing dark as I heard a growling and rumbling noise outside of my apartment... I was soon going to be lost from the light.... Not for long though, but they had found me...
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I jumped into the abyss and what did i find....
another one of these threads...
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What is this about anyway? a team?, I'd be interested in being in a team.

Hey wait this is another one of those story thread things isn't it? *sigh*
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I see the other people fighting and reload my revolvers. I hold Lux and Creperum in my hands and charge, ready to rain bullets from above.
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Just a real quick info setter, your ranged demon arms don't need reloaded.

IC: The Death Knight's shield is destroyed and I cleave it in two, even as three more come out of the hoard and I engage one.
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I dive forward, swinging several feet of chain at the death knights' kegs...
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It slams it's shield down, pinning the chains, then slashes at Tycho.
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The pinned links dissolve and I bring my bracers blocking the blow.
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The second Death Knight slams his shield into Tycho, knocking him off balance and allowing both of them an opportunity to attack.
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I jump backwards and send a length of chain through their shields, each linking in place. Cracking my chains like whips, I rip their shields off and send them staggering.
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