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This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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I nod, continuing my mental wandering, trying to figure out what it was about those woods that set me on edge...
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I raised both of my hands, looking at them with deep observation... The scars that were on them, several of them... I don't know who scarred my body more... Them or me. That's when I did something without thinking about it... I reached for my revolver and the barrel was pressed against the palm of my hand. Never hesitating once as I pulled the trigger.

The shot rang out against the noise of the forest/woods. I began to scream in pain as blood was thrown everywhere. WHY DID I DO THAT?! WHY COULDN'T I CONTROL IT?!
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I awake and continue on my platform.
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"Guess I might..." I comment before I jump up after hearing the gun shot. "What the hell.." I scan the area looking for attackers but see no one aside the group members.
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I panicked ever so slightly as I rushed to wrap my hand in something. Then with a nice, slightly annoyed at myself tone, "Can someone please help me..."
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"I heard gunfire. I'm going to go check it out." I jump from tree to tree then see Fox holding her hand and a gun in front of her, blood spattered on the redening grass.

"Having fun?" I say, not finding it hard to assess the events of the situation.
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Dropping the pistol. I gripped my face with my bloodied hand, the blood showing on my delicate feature. I couldn't even save me from me. "I don't know what went over me... I can't control myself," I say as I sniffled a sob.
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(was it same she stabbed or the other hand?)
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Same one she stabbed.
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"Well, you seem to have something in your hand, must unlock something from it or something. Because this is the second time you've wounded it." I say looking things over from above. I lean to Jerus and ask, "What do you think about this?"
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I jump from my spot in the tree. "Generally, this can mean two things; one, that she simply has an obsession with self mutilation, or two, that you are right. Only she'll know the truth about it." I was restraining myself from drinking what laid on the ground. I had not killed her, so I had not earned it.

I arrive just to hear the end of Jerus' sentence and look at Korozain. "What would you be right about?"
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Streaks of blood were in both my hair and my face, with the pain becoming a dull sensation against the whistling leaves. The echos of the forest... "I didn't know what overcame me... I didn't know I did it until it happened. Maybe I'm going insane! I don't want to remember who I am, it brings back old pain and it makes me want to kill mutilate my body..." I say, rolling up my sleeves... Showing them all the scars and cuts that littered them, and my hands.
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Looking over at Fox, I resist the urge to shake my head in despair;
...great, someone else who's suicidally inclined... why do I make a habit of looking after people like this?...
I think to myself as I head over;
"Do you want me to patch that up?"
I ask, somehow managing to keep an exasperated tone out of my voice.
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I didn't nod, but I reached for the pistol and grabbed it with my right. Rising it next to my head as a painful experience came back to me.

I was grown... in a tank... Lovely. Experiments being done to me as my bloodied hand went over my chest and felt a scar from a incision that had been put there. Both happening in real life and the memory. A scientist had a one handed device with a trigger. Placing it next to my head, it was a brain wave scanner. That was when both his finger and my finger were one the trigger... Slowly pulling it back.
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Out of age old habit, I leap forward, knocking the gun from her hand, flicking the safety on at the same time;
"Sorry, but nobody suicides on my watch."
I say, gently.
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"That isn't a 'Bandie'." I say adding in the freaks roaming around. I decide to call them 'Bandies' or 'Bandits'.
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Breaking out of the trance I realized what I had been trying to do. Crying a bit, the tears mixing with the blood streaked onto my face. "I'm a monster... And a threat to myself and others. I'm losing it. I don't think if I can make it!:
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"She's going to be more of a problem...." I speak, somewhat out loud as I watch the event take place. I put the shotgun underneath my Rifle, and finding little in ammo for it, I load in, and make due with what I have. I knew that ammunition will be harder to find, but I didn't worry so much over it.
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I sigh gently and kneel down next to Fox;
"Why do you say that?"
I ask softly.
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I tried to stay calm so I could talk, and my hands were jittering everywhere until I forced them both down with each other. "I'm not human... Not truly in that concept. I didn't come from no womb, but from a tank... Everything that has happened is bringing great sadness and pain to me. But I don't know anything else... Maybe I should just die..."
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