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Change the Infestor completely or remove it

Who agrees that the infestor should be changed or removed? The fact that fungal completely removes your ability to move is way too imba, not to mention its anti-micro because it stops you from doing something.
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The infestors purpose is exactly to stop micro lol, a group of marines with proper micro can kill ton of zerglings by a small bit of micro, but a good counter (yes counter) is to fungel and allow the units to get the surround, is it imba? not really, a good example is a cloaked banshee, is it powerful? yes, but its also easy to prevent it.
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Of all the units I've seen people complain about... never have I seen the Infestor be targeted.

Makes me laugh a bit. Honestly, these units reside on the opposite side of OP, because they simply aren't, they excel at their role which crowd control, or as some have argued, delay tacticians.

One scan and your "problem" disappears. That unit is somewhat a "troll" unit as all it does is delay your army that much longer.

Of course an infestor with a army of it's own as support, that is a different story. Then again, so is a High Templar.
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If anything they should improve the Infested Terran's health.
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It's a pointless unti atm.
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The infestor is the only unit that keeps mass marine tank from just walking over the zerg....

and I dont think the not being able to move is really that big of deal if you spread your units... and if your going to get into infestor broodlord then your not watching MC.
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!@#$ plz ur terran u have hellbats that own everything and is IMBA ur medivacs are also imba ur widow mine is also imba
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02/14/2013 08:57 PMPosted by DaNksEX
!@#$ plz ur terran u have hellbats that own everything and is IMBA ur medivacs are also imba ur widow mine is also imba

says a toss with his flying 1 shot workers unit and his lategame retard 1a across the minimap

consider suicide ;)
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2 of the 3 Infestor abilities impede pathing/ stop pathing altogether. the abilities Must be changed/altered for the infestor to remain a viable yet balanced spell caster for the Zerg that is not massed to win games.
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