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Textures in the cutscene Editor

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So I've been playing around with the cutscene editor quite a bit, but I've noticed that some textures don't load in the cutscene editor. Mar Sara roads, for example, don't show up at all after I've put them in the Terrain Editor. I also cannot seem to apply any decals to units in the cutscene editor. I will even put decals on units in the terrain editor, then load up the cutscene editor, and then when I look at them, the decals reverted to their default Decal!

Is this something I can deal with in the editor? Or does the cutscene editor not support this kind of thing yet?
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The Terrain backgrounds in Cutscene Editor are not part of the cutscenes actually.

They are just used to preview the "environment" of the cutscene. Because if you use trigger to play the created cutscene, it will be played in the game world, thus you would also see the terrain and units. You do not need to do anything to add the decal for them, because they already there when you play the cutscene in game.

You completely misunderstood what the Cutscene Editor is - it isn't used to edit your terrian. It is used to edit actors you added into the cutscene. If you add a unit model into your cutscene, you can add decal for them, but not the units from the terrain editor, they are just backgrounds
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How do you add a decal onto a unit model that you create in the cutscene editor?
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Well, it's not a "add" actually.

You can't directly set the decal like you set the team color in Cutscene Editor, but you can do it in a indirectly way.

You will need to create a new unit (or just modify a existed one) entry into the Data Editor, and add a "TextureSelectById" message to its actor's creation event. The parameter be the decal you want to use.

Then select the model in your Cutscene Editor, and modify its property. Set its "Unit Link" property to the unit entry you just created. Then the cutscene model would use the actor of the unit, thus it's decal would also be changed.
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Ah. I see. I just tried it, and it worked out extremely well. Thanks for the Advice Renee, I never would have figured that out on my own.
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