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Yeah that's what I'm afraid of, everything we've seen only shows what you did in WoL accomplished nothing.

Seems to me, Raynor's goal at the beginning of WoL (when he wasnt in a state of inebriated depression) was to clear his own name and expose Mengsk's use of the psi-emitter against Tarsonis. Which you definitely did accomplish.

Then, very early on, Kerrigan shows up again. This brings up all sorts of old emotions for Raynor, but his first instinct is to help people, evacuate people, cure people, etc. This is something else you definitely accomplish in WoL, with the gambit on Char actually forcing the zerg to pull back.

Obviously, de-infesting Kerrigan was a huge plot point and was the culmination of the plot, but I don't think it was the overarching "goal" of the campaign. At first, the artifact missions began as just a way for Raynor to make some mercenary cash to fund his private rebellion. It wasn't until after you meet Valerian that you learn of the potential use of the artifact against the Zerg, or to de-infest Kerrigan.

According to the between-mission news broadcasts during those final Char missions, the Terran invasion of Char forced Kerrigan to pull a lot of the swarm back to Char, and yeah, the successful use of the artifact de-infested Kerrigan, but it also saved millions of lives who might otherwise have been overrun by the zerg.

So even if Kerrigan returns to a zerg-y form, the player's actions in WoL still accomplished two significant things:
- Outing Mengsk's atrocities and clearing Raynor's name
- Saving millions of Terran lives across the Koprulu sector

HotS may involve:
- Kerrigan killing a lot of people, hopefully Mengsk, but maybe also people we weren't expecting (Warfield, Matt Horner, Swann, Valerian, Artanis?)
- Restructuring her portion of the swarm from the ground up to make them more resistant to the Dark Voice's influence
- May end with a substantial portion of the swarm remaining out from under her control, possibly under the control of the Dark Voice. The final mission will need to have some sense of closure (as the end of a campaign) but also a cliffhanger sense of "the Dark Voice is at the door".

And then LotV may involve:
- Zeratul uniting the scattered Protoss, and possibly purging dissension from within (i.e. classic protoss theme)
- And then lots of exploration of the Dark Templar embrace of the Void and using that against the Dark Voice.

As I recall, one of the things the Xel'naga initially appreciated about the Protoss was their communal psychic link, and this may be something that the Dark Voice is relying on. So the Dark Templar, having rejected this link and embracing the void, may be key.

I mostly hope they dont end the trilogy by trying to make the Zerg "noble" in some way.

Maybe not, but back in Blizzcon 2011, Blizzard said they wanted to have Kerrigan make peace with the swarm she led for all these years.
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In wol infested kerrigan emanated a mostly reddish/orangish aura with fire red/orange eyes. In all the hots contexts, infested kerrigan now has a purpley aura.

Something's def going on.
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Posts: 38,927
In wol infested kerrigan emanated a mostly reddish/orangish aura with fire red/orange eyes. In all the hots contexts, infested kerrigan now has a purpley aura.

Something's def going on.

Yeah, assuming it's not reinfestation, it'll probably be the remaining Zerg blood that's still mutating her.
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