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Okay there will always be balancing issues. Especially with the introduction of new units. I do believe Blizzard has invested a lot of time and resources into this upcoming expansion. Let me start by talking about the changes I enjoy and have been much waited. I may discuss some negatives as well, but over all they've done well.

  • Pylons being unable to power higher grounds. This change has curbed the canon rush to an extent. It's much harder now and much easier to defend against.
  • This one is debatable, but I can see the thinking process behind it. The free research on Tanks, Ravens, and Sentries. I'm not sure if HT's have free storm or not. Please inform me if so.
  • Mothership Core makes Protoss' early game much better, and they even counter balanced for ZvP by removing the Evolution Chambers for Spore Crawlers. Well done for both races. Balanced the rush of both of them in this one match up without effecting the Terran match up for both races.
  • The Viper unit has allowed ZvP match up to play out better against death ball. Grabbing Colossi and limiting Stalker damage. This may seem OP at first glance, but nowhere near the imba issues with vortex for MS in WoL. The MS can recall once Protoss sees this engagement is going bad and HT's feedback will be critically in the exchanges as it has been for infestors anyways. Overall well done with ZvP (PvZ) match up balances (in the big picture I do have a mid game issue right now with it, and I'll get to it soon).
  • Raven's (won the Super Bowl!) got free seeker missiles, but your targeted unit turns red and with fairly easy micro (any plat and up should be able to do) you can save a bunch of units from this sniping.
  • Infestor's FG is now a projectile. I know this came out patches ago, but I do see the reasoning for it. That being said I believe it could use a slight speed buff.
  • Thor spell redesign is good and I see it being very helpful against a Protoss going air heavy.
  • Void Ray nerfing! Finally a solution that puts an end to the Void Rays while maintaining their integrity in the game. This is like the most simply solution in the world and works perfectly in my opinion. I'm very happy with this balancing.
  • Now time for a small complaint I mention earlier. ZvP mid game. Right now Zerg has a hard time with Sentry/Immortal timing push. Nearly impossible to defend against especially with 3 bases. A solution in my opinion would be one of two things; both of which wouldn't hurt the Protoss' defense with Sentry FF. Make either uprooted Crawlers massive units that can crush shields or Queens massive units. This will help the Zerg defend against the Sentry/Immortal push greatly. Both these units (Queens and uprooted spine/spore crawlers) are very slow off creep. This will allow Protoss to defend most rushes with FF still.

This is all I can think of for now. I would like to hear the communities response and feelings regarding all these changes and others not mentioned.

I would like the thank Blizzard for allowing me to beta test and appreciate StarCraft and the developing team behind it. Everyone working on this game is extremely talented. Thanks for a great game.

Good luck and have fun everyone.
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how was the Void nerffffed?
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Good thinking with the queens. I too think they should be massive.
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if queens become massive roachs should either cost more or they should be nerfed
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When a void ray attacks, the beam no longer gradually charges up. The fully charged beam is now an ability.
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