Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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"Hang on to your tulips, this is going to be a ride!" Peter yelled back as he sat in the pilots seat and yanked the steering wheel in every which direction in an attempt to break free of whatever beam was pulling them in.
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{I already know your ploy, it's why I left your friends on the a gift, although it wasn't because I knew about the jamming.} Several beeps sound on the creatures attacking Andy, then they all explode. {He'll be aware any second now.}
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"Can't shoot the bastard without risking losing the pilot or shooting a hole through the cockpit. If we are alive at this moment, he has no intention of killing us, yet. Probably after the now RUINED sample. How the hell did you even manage to tear it off from my waist?"

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Peter eased off the thrusters and gave the steering wheel a rest.

"It's no use, the beam's too strong."
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I look at Archer. "Look, I'm not going to kill you, I want you all to leave. So, do me a favor and shut the hell up."
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I curse and blink to the drop ship. Whatever happened, I had to prevent him from getting that sample, especially if it was that important. I appear next to Peter, in the chair as if I'd been sitting there the whole time, my feet up and me in a lounging position. "You're about to have company. Where's the sample?"

Lol, completely missed this :P


Peter hadn't noticed the ghost until James had screamed his existence. By the time he noticed that he was sitting right beside him, it was too late to react. If the ghost wanted him dead, he'd be dead. So he decided to react as calmly as possible.

"What do you want?" He asked, trying to relax.
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I point with my thumb at the now destroyed sample. "I came to get that, but of course, Alex here overreacted. So, now I wait for this thing to land so I can deal with the marines."
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"We really should have been much farther away if this kind of thing was going to happen.
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"So you want me to land?"
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"Listen to the ghost and land the ship unless you plan on dying here..."
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The Zero Gravity caught me off guard, but thankfully, muscle still allowed me to tear the creatures to shreds...

Then they exploded in my face, sending me flying down the curved halls a good ways. Now... would be a good time to think, as I flew backwards.

First off, this Doctor... he seemed to know much more than I theorized... definitely a body worth assimilating... when I get my hands on him... of course, I would have to plan for his inevitable possession protocol, which would most likely attempt to take over my body...
Then there was my Sister...
Oh... poor... poor... sweet Laura... she never knew... would never know, now actually... It was sad that this sort of thing would have to happen to her...
but thankfully her memories had already been copied to the original...
the Clone of the Clone would now fulfill her final programming... something that neither the Doctor, nor Zack would know existed...
The Doctor could not bury anything so far deep into her subconscious as I had... so far that to gain access would destroy her brain entirely...
But, her body would soon follow...
It was no matter...
She would die... but her memories would be preserved...
She was my kin after all... my pet on the leash above almost all else...
The Reaper was the only reason she had to be created in the first place...
But once again this is no matter, my Sister was still safe... still untainted...
I could almost hear the inhuman sound as the Void would erupt from within her, her mind spending itself to send everything around it into the Void...
there could not be any return from this... unless Zack or myself was so foolish enough to try and retrieve the bodies...
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Peter took whatever control he could and flew the ship into the hanger bay.
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Discord frowned in annoyance as the gravity deactivated. Within a second he was floating just above the floor with only the barest hint of upward motion.

Ok, forget waiting.

Discord shimmered once again as the pieces of the replicant rearranged themselves. He was once again in his true form, that of a floating sphere with golden, significantly elongated pyramids floating around specific sections.

Discord increased power to his anti-grav boosters and rocketed down the hallway.
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I waved to Discord out of habit, rather than actually acknowledging his presence as he came down the hall in front of me, beginning to recognize his form before I hit the wall, my back landing on the console and causing some internal bleeding, a few coughs spewing black blood into the air, watching it float in the lights that illuminated it.
Dammit... I wouldn't be able to warn any of them... not in this state... I took a few breaths- trying to, anyways, and I resulted in coughing out more blood as I curled up, feeling my organs beginning to heal themselves.

Within the recall room, Laura's unconscious body sports a wicked grin, and her voice is heard as she begins to laugh, cackling in her subconscious.
I half wondered what the Doctor would do when he discovered what she truly was- that he had never touched the real, powerful woman that was my Sister...
Of course, She would've healed by now... she simply needed to be woken up... at least now I wouldn't have to explain to the clone exactly what she was...
I wouldn't have to explain to her that all she was... was truly a shadow of her former self.
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As the ship touches down, I walk over to the door and wait. The door pops open followed by a flashbang. My eyes and ears adjust as it goes off, leaving me unaffected. I jump against the wall feet first and launch out, my MP blazing as I ram into a marine. Igniting the psi blade, I ram it into his gut and spin, the body in hand, and use it as a shield until the other two marines run out of ammo in their mags. As they go to reload, I spin around again and push off the body, drawing the Void blade and taking off their heads. Flipping, I land on the side of the shuttle. Pulling up the little wrist computer I took off the Doc, I turn the gravity back on, flipping around and landing on the ground. I then kill the tractor beam. "Get out of here." I sprint into the hall, intent on finding the Doctor.
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OOC: Wait a sec. Who did I just hit?
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I don't think you hit him, I think Andy hit the wall after waving at you.
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Peter unbuckled, then ran into the cabin.

"Do we have a plan?"
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"Think we can just teleport what's left of the sample to the doctor? I've came across a device when I talked with the captain."
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"I say we sabotage the gravity beam and get the hell out of here."
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