Trying to learn the Editor (Effects)

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I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to add an effect value to a unit. I know how to create it, but...

Let give an example.

A Zealot has two separate effects for it's attack. One is the damage, and the second effect I presume is so that it attacks twice.

I'm trying to make a unit attack twice but don't know how to make it do that. Any suggestions? Also, if there were sort of an explanation on the "period effect" that would be helpful. I don't know why a Zealot's is .2800 and a Viking's is .2100

The first one is the most important, thank you for any help.
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Okay, so I figured out a way to do it, but I don't think it was the flawless way to do it. Should be an easier way to add an effect.
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There is about two months I did not open the editor but as far as I remember...

Weapon apply Effect. In the weapon I believe, there is the attack speed. If you change it, it will change how often is the effect applied. If it's damage effect, then it will do damage effect more often, faster.

About the Period effect, it's the delay between the effect can repeat itself. There is another value that I don't remember by heart that says how many times is the effect executed. For example, the Zealot will have that value as 2 because it has 2 attacks and the damage effect will do 8, 2 attacks of 8 damage. The Period effect is the delay between those two attacks.

The Zealot delay when he shoots one blade then the other one is .28, while the Viking in your example shoots faster it's 2 missils compared to the Zealot. It doesn't mean the Viking weapon is faster, it only means the effect that is applied twice is faster.

I whish I had the editor in front of me to help you more speceficly, but I don't, so I'll hope these info will help you ;)
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For any effect that needs to be executed multiple times over some period we use Create Persistent Effects. Most effects are applied instantly, but they can be wrapped in a persistent effect in order to have a delay associated with them. So the Zealot's double-attack is set up through Zealot (Unit) -> Psi Blades (Weapon) -> Psi Blades (Persistent Effect) -> Psi Blades (Damage). Any unit where a single attack has damage applied multiple times would need to be set up similarly.
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Same problem here. But mine is with the Muta's Glaive weapon.
I want to add the effect of "Vicious Glaives" in campaign to viper strains (one of the 3 campaign muta units) only, but these 3 muta units share the same effect.
So I wanna change the viper strain to a unique but similar effect. After creating it, I have no idea how to add the effect to the unit...
Thx for anyone's help help.
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