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Turn based strategy ideas.

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I was recently reminded of "Battle for Wesnoth" and have been thinking over the idea of creating a starcraft 2 version.

Here is a screenshot of what I think it would look like:

The hexes in this pic are the movement options for the selected marine. You can select a unit, move them and select an enemy to attack. Each player would take it in turns to move their units and units could be bought and each base held would provide a certain amount of resources each turn (no harvesters, income is based on teritory ocupied)

There are a few base units and when a unit makes a kill it gains experience and can level up. For example a zergling could get the option to advance to a baneling or a speedling. A stalker could evolve to either a blink stalker or an immortal and from an immortal into a collossus etcetc.

I'm curious if you guys think this could have a place or if people would think the pace was too slow or if the pace could be picked up by having players alternate turns.

Also if anyone would be interested in colaborating on something like this with me. I could do the trigger work and coding but that still leaves all the testing, interface designing, planning, balancing, etcetcetc.

appreciate all feedback and ideas. At the moment it's still in the conceptual phase
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Oh boy do I have a surprise for you coming soon.

I youtubed that Battle For Wesnoth game. Looks interesting. What I've found from people testing the turn-based game I'm making is that you really have to make "how to play" and the controls and UI and information as easy to understand and accessible as possible. People on B-net aren't used to turn-based games and especially ones where they have to read/play a lot to even understand it.

And yes, there would have to be some system or gimmick or feature that will provide players with something to do or at least think about when it's not their turn, because people can be impatient.

From what I can tell is there is definitely a potential player-base for TBS games. The challenge, though, is catching the interest of those who in the past haven't had much experience/love for the genre.

I had seen one of your other posts where you said you had some experience making a computer AI, and I thought about asking you about it, but I decided to just try it for myself and in the last few days I've just been stomping out the bugs.

So I definitely don't have time to take up another project right now. I'll be re-releasing my game in hopefully a week or so and making a promo vid. I could probably use input/help from another TBS developer if you're interested then.
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