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widow lings

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I was reading the widow mine complain thread and it came to me that it'd be great if you could make your banelings not to die after they explode, maybe a tier3 upgrade that allows your banelings to leave a baneling remain that can mutate back into a baneling for a price, like the hatching baneling eggs. And of course those baneling remains should be destroyable as the cocoon should.

I know this wont be implemented in HotS, and it's not likely to be implemented in LotV either. But wont it be cool?
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Absolutely not. The idea of resurrection within the baneling or indeed the current widow mine is silly. It only works with the Widow Mines re-arming itself because of the way it is designed. As in being a noob friendly produce, deploy and leave unit however costing 2 supply. The baneling would be horrible for this because once banelings explode they are dead. if you can resurrect them then you have vision of an area with dea units and thats terrible balance wise.

Picture killing your own banelings in high traffic areas to gain vision with an invincible dead unit.
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He said they would be killable in their secondary cocoon form, and if the Banelings are killed instead of they attack then they can't resurrect. It just would be a cool implementation in HotS.
These Banelings wouldn't be implemented into Multiplayer though, I guarantee that.
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It shouldn't be invincible. I was saying that when a baneling explodes by attacking (and not by being killed by the enemy) it should leave a stationary "exaused baneling" that could be killed, and that exausted baneling could be slain by the enemy but it could also regenerate the acid for a mineral/gas cost by going back to the cocoon state. That again, it could be killed. This way the banelings only truly die if they got killed by the enemy.

I don't think this will be implemented ever. But it's just a cool idea that I was thinking about.
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