Hey guys,
I’ve made a simple mod for melee maps that simplifies macro via autocasting. It’s not a new idea, but I wanted to try it out-- turns out it’s pretty fun and simple to implement.

Now I’m looking for some help incorporating a few tweaks and advanced features. I’m fairly new to the map editor and not sure how to properly use things like validators. Feedback is also appreciated!

HOTS Map: SC2 Lite Antiga Shipyard

Can be found via HOTS bnet search.

Protoss/Terran: All “train” commands may now be autocast by right clicking the unit’s button. Units will be trained one at a time pending available resources. Cheaper units are prioritized.

Zerg: Spawn Larvae may now be autocast by right clicking the ability on any queen. She will autoinject on any available hatchery within range 7.

These changes are fairly simple, but have a pretty profound impact on the game. It’s possible for a relative noob to macro quite well, and mid level players will find themselves with significantly more APM with which to micro their units.

The overall effect is more fluid, natural feeling gameplay without changing the strategy or meta of the SC2 we know and love.


  • 1. Why?

    For fun, first and foremost. These modifications have been discussed on the forums since the Beta, and I decided to just try it.

    Nexus Wars and Desert Strike are some of the most popular games on battle.net, but they get dull. I wanted to create something that simplified macro without removing all the subtle strategy and fun micro of the real game.

    Most importantly, I wanted to offer less skilled players a way to experience the deeper aspects of starcraft that are normally inaccessible to them.

    Like many sc2 players, my bnet friends list is a ghost town. No one logs in anymore, because for most people, sc2 just isn’t fun. Simplifying the macro has given the game new life for some of my friends. We play 1v1 or 2v2 together, and now they can actually focus on fun stuff like micro and tactics instead of just staring at their base all game. It’s a blast!
  • 2. This nerfs protoss! Warpin can’t be autocast!


    While it’s true that Terran and Zerg benefit more obviously from these changes, I’ve yet to see evidence that Protoss is weaker. Winrates don’t seem to be dramatically altered. Part of this may be due to the fact that warp in was already an “on demand” ability like larvae, and benefits from the improved economy provided by a higher probe count.
  • 3. This just ruins the game/ lowers the skillcap.

    I disagree, but if it bothers you I guess this mod isn’t for you. =)

    Personally, I think these changes actually help the game to be more fun for all skill levels. There's so much game underneath the basic macro mechanics -- this just lets people play it.

    For new players, often the biggest hurdle they face is just consistently building workers. It is essential to improving at the game, it’s hard to master, and it’s BORING.

    Manual macro mechanics are a chore. It only serves to waste player’s APM and prevent them from playing the fun parts of the game-- actually fighting your enemy!

    Autocasting frees up more APM for blink micro, multi-pronged drops, marine splits, landing fungals... all that cool stuff beginners watch pros do but almost never get to try themselves. Suddenly starcraft is fun again!
  • 4. Ok, so it’s fun, but it will hurt beginners’ growth as players and teach bad habits.

    Yeah, players using this mod won’t learn to macro properly. They won’t learn that from nexus wars either-- or micro, or builds, or strategy. But at least they are playing starcraft. And the one thing we desperately need right now is more players.
  • Bugs/ Help Requests

    Current bug: multiple training abilities can be set to autocast at the same time. I would like to make these mutually exclusive, but am not sure how to go about this. If anyone knows how to use validators with the train command to accomplish this, I’m happy to have the help!

    Future features: Warpgate “smartcast” -- allow warpin with a single button press, instead of press+click, eg. LoL smartcast. This seems more challenging, but if anyone has an idea on how it might be accomplished, I’d love to talk.