Improving Gameplay: Rule-Based Command

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During my year or so playing Starcraft, I've noticed one glaring weak point in the Starcraft gameplay and would like to either A) determine if this issue already has a solution in the current system or B) suggest to all a great mod to Starcraft.

I propose adding a rule-based command structure option. Let me explain. In any real-world command situation, the commander will issue overall direction and set certain rules that his subordinates will then carry out in perpetuity. Starcraft does this to an extent (i.e.- you tell a worker to build a barracks and they do it). However, current SC gameplay requires you to tell again and again...and again...over and over. This really takes away from enjoying the game and, more importantly, building a solid and/or creative strategy.

By using a rule-based command structure, the commander can tell his subordinates to "build a barracks if...". The "if" is very important. Or "keep building bunkers in this area unless...". Again, the "unless" is important. I propose allowing the commander to set limits and weights that will allow him/her to "set it and forget it" throughout the entire game. If at any point the commander feels the need to adjust levels (limits and weights) he/she can simply go and adjust it. This rule-based command structure should be optional (don't want to force anyone into it).

The single monumental benefit of a rule-based command structure option is that the commander can build a reliable and consistent infrastructure (that functions on its own!) during the game instead of always getting pulled back to home base to build more bunkers! This allows the commander to move on to bigger and more elaborate strategies that will result in more spectacular battles.

Example: Say I am allowed to have 3 perpetuating command rules in play at any given time (to keep things simple - in the real game I would prefer to see at least 5 or 10). Also say for those 3 command rules I pick to produce 1) SCV's, 2) bunkers, and 3) marines. I assign a weight to these 3 items, based on total production volume. Say I want 30% of my automated production to be SCV's, 30% to be bunkers, and 40% to be marines. OK, so weights are taken care of. Now say I only want to produce any of these automatic items if I have at least 400 resources in the bank. If I fall below 400 resources, each of these will stop producing until I've gathered more resources. OK, now weights and limits are set. Good to go. Now, I can begin crafting my master strategy of harassing the other guy/girl from the west with endless marines while bringing in more devastating units from the east, while simultaneously expanding my territory to a nearby mineral field - all without needing to worry about that show-stopping notification to "build more bunkers!" that will absolutely ruin any timing sensitive plot.

Does anyone agree with my vision? I think this would REALLY increase the enjoyment of gameplay. Please comment so that we can get this idea some attention. Anyone that can create this mod, please do so and let me know!
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I like this idea. It focuses on actual strategy which is the aspect of starcraft I like. Definetely more crafting. Try posting more and see if somebody would pick it up as a mod? Id like to play it
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