Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class III

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02/25/2013 02:03 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
OOC: Darkra, that just seems creepy, being gone for a little bit while having your person on autopliot to follow her.

hey i'm not good at making decisions on the fly. the minute i posted that i had to leave.

IC: i had tagged along for the ride, walking up beside Shade "you better keep that thing inside Cynthia in check because if this gets annual i don't think the students are gonna just sit by and not question it"
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IC: Sam simply leans agaisnt the wall in classic spectre fashion and glares at omricon before flipping his visor down.
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D, we just explained you can't sense the Demon. Don't make us do it again.
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02/25/2013 03:07 PMPosted by Zarkun
D, we just explained you can't sense the Demon. Don't make us do it again.

i think i remember that i have a bit of knowledge of it since she said something "inside her that wants destruction and stuff" so i have a good idea... i guess
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I stopped for a second and handed Cynthia to Raven as he continued too walk. I knew that Dante would follow so I blocked his path. "Mind your own business and until it happens... Don't worry about it and quit following her like a lost puppy. You would only get in the way at this point... And Terance is keeping an eye on her as well."
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"no problem." i narrow my eyes "i have a feeling this is gonna be interesting" i growl. "you and me both" Jack whispers in my head as i walk off
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I had felt the 'Demon' rise, but it was fought down. I contact my mother. {What caused the 'Demon' to rise in Cynthia?}
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ummmmm summary????
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You're in your room, Mecha. Go from there. And no you aren't rooming with me. No one is.
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with who
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whos peter??????
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IC: I finish with the repairs and use an old and very dirty rag to wipe off as much grease as I can. I look around and realize I had worked through the night but I didn't feel tired. I was however rather hungry and I head towards the mess hall.
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Peter is Thane. Thane is Peter. Peter Griffith that is XD
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02/25/2013 03:37 PMPosted by darkra
IC: i re-entered the cafeteria and sat down beside Sam "some people" i say to him.
Little late there I moved to the training room since a lot of people went there
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Cayl notices the two students walk in and stops his practice, the butt of the halberd resting on the ground, his helmet up. "And who might you two be?"
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Rolling out of bed, I curse a sharp pang of hunger rips through my gut;
...son of a... wow, I really am out of shape...
I think to myself as I quickly make my way to the cafeteria.

Zarkun, Cayl was in Sinister Outpost correct?... If so he'd know Stefan... IF we're counting that RP as part of the lore, that is...
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15 years old
Lithe body, silvery white hair.
Weapons-channel crystal- imbues psionic blasts with the element of water.
Knives-range-1 damage 8x2
Shadow stalk- Soul can hide in the darkness of night, and avoid dangers. Raise movement speed and evasiveness and reduce sound produced in the darkness.

Psion- can release psionic energy in bursts up to 6 range away, burning 5 energy per burst. Does 5 damage.

Soul was a thief, running around on the moons of Agria. He was known for stalking the shadows, breaking in, and escaping from forces set to catch him. One day he had a fateful encounter.
After breaking into a man's house and stealing a crystal, he had started to run away into the darkness. But he was caught by a certain black haired, blue eyed man. With his hand around Soul's throat he said, Smiling slightly "Heh, you got some skills. How about you refine them? Try this academy, if you graduate, I'll forgive this transgression."
With that he had thrown the thief on the ground. Coughing slightly, Soul had asked "What if I refuse?"
To that the raven haired man flashed the tip of a spear to Soul's throat. "Then I punish you."
Faced with the choice of being "punished" (most likely a fate worse than death), or attending an academy (with a high fatality rate?) Soul took the second option. So he was now in front of the academy with a strange feeling in his chest. Like he chose the wrong choice on the path of destiny.
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02/25/2013 03:38 PMPosted by Steelwolf
IC: i re-entered the cafeteria and sat down beside Sam "some people" i say to him.
Little late there I moved to the training room since a lot of people went there

OOC: k i deleted that other post

IC: i went to the training room to blow some steam. entering i found Sam also there "hey you up for a little sparring?" i ask him
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