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I'm on the opposite side of the tree, not facing you.
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It should be noted that nearby sources of heat, the distance, and the heat of the surrounding objects around what you're looking for all might hinder being able to SEE the thermal signature of something.

Mechwarrior logic.
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A man walks out of a hidden entrance and approaches Eric, with a rifle in his hand as he checked the man over. "You here for the Academy?" The guard asks Eric.
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IC: Eric brings his pistol out as the guard catches him off guard, but stops before its half way up. Lowering it to his side he nods. "Yeah. I am. You really shouldn't startle people like that you know. Some people have a happy trigger finger."
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It should be noted that nearby sources of heat, the distance, and the heat of the surrounding objects around what you're looking for all might hinder being able to SEE the thermal signature of something.

Mechwarrior logic.
I was just playing that xD

And you can still see a change in colour from ambient heat, especially if the person you're looking for just got shot with a focused electrical blast. Also you have to be visible for a moment at least so that you can get to the tree. You're not always going to be fully covered by the trees no matter what.
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IC: Sam heads to the fireing range to work on his aim with his gun.
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There's also the heat radiating off of the sandstone wall next to the tree.
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"Well I'm quite sorry, not my fault for protocol... Follow me then?" The guard said as he returned to where the entrance was, it was almost as if it rose out as he headed down a flight of stairs.
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Eric watches the guard before sighing "hey, what about my banshee? I'm not just going to leave it out here to rust away."

He really hoped the rest of the academy wasn't this...heck he didn't even know the word for it. Idiotic maybe? No that wasn't quite right. Whatever, close enough.
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The guard just continues down the stairs as he finally spoke up. "One of the mechanic aids will put it in the hanger for you. They'll even fix it up for you."

The walk down the stairs was a long one. "By the way... Once you get down to the Academy, don't mind the Zerg and they wont mind you, also... Pick a dorm in Section C. You'll get to see some of the others later today or tomorrow."
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There's also the heat radiating off of the sandstone wall next to the tree.
It's still not as warm as someone who's just been hit with an electrical weapon. Also, I was at fifty meters above the canopy as I last post. What on earth can you hit me with from that far away?
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Nothin' yet ;)

IC: Cursing, I climb the rest of the way quickly, leaping on top of the wall before the tree falls apart. Sprinting along it, I wait for him to take his shot. "Come on, take your risk..."
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IC: "care for a little friendly competition?" i ask as we get there

OOC: sorry went afk just assume i followed you
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"..." Said the masked one.
Cecil saw a man exit the hills and approach a man on a banshee.
The psionic blade flickered on as the black haired man walked slowly behind the banshee.
"Is this the academy?"
A cold voice said directly behind Eric.
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Zaros looks upon the shield. "What the hell? Why would this be given?" He wasn't thinking about the current situation between him and Shade as he looked at it.

I open up the door to the simulation room and enter, the door closing behind me. I watch the large television screen, observant of the battle between Terance and Ceas.
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IC: "sure lets see how well your aim is" Sam says before setting up a few medium ranged targets.

OOC: Question what does Tari look like anyways?
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Hearing a voice directly behind him, Eric faded out of sight. Jumping up with a small but nearly silent boost from his jets, he landed on his banshee, making enough noise to be heard before jumping again to the sand behind the intruder, making sure this landing was silent, holding his pistol up at their head as he came into sight again. "sneak up on me again With a weapon like that, and I'll add a new vent hole to your brain. Yes, this is the academy. And who the hell are you?" Eric waited for an answer, before lowering his weapon, assuming they didn't make any sort of threat or sudden move. He didn't like showing that trick, and it wasn't likely to work as well again in the near future on this person, she he went ahead and commuted their voice, and looks, to his memory.

Turning he walked back over to the guard. As the guard explained things to him, Eric nodded. "Alright that's fine. If they need the access code to activate the engines or something they can come get me, or request the code from me."

His banshee was rather personal to him. He'd honestly rather see it blown up than let someone else have full control of the thing. Sure there were others like it, but this one was HIS banshee.

At the mention of the zerg he stops on the stairs to stare. "...I'm not gonna ask how that even works, but tell me this doesn't mean there's creep all down the hallways and !@#$. That stuff is a pain to clean off of my gear."

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IC: i take two standard pistols off the rack and toss one to Sam "just for a bit of challenge" i say grinning
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"No... The Zerg live in the Hive near the center of the Academy. Almost like their own environment. And trust me... If they don't have the code, they'll be able to hack into it. And no one will use your vehicle except for repairs or maintenance." The guard says once more.


Shade then stood up with the gauntlets being left behind on her desk. Leaving the room as she walked down the hallway. Maybe she would check up on Cynthia to see if she was okay.
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IC: Sam fires 5 shots. 2 in the head 3 in the heart of the target

OOC: These are hyrdalisk targets btw
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