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That... Was probably something that was pulled out of someones !@# to confused you. But just listen to the Queen of the Hive and you should be fine. Said Cynthia.
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" haha ok. Have fun with Terrance" i tease before rounding the corner to the entrance to the zerg hive

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I strip my rifle down, and add parts to make it a Sniper Rifle. I adjust to fire at the long-range target, firing it with expert precision.
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IC: i walk into the hive and look for the queen
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I arrive at my ship Shadow Walker and start giving it an inspection. I sigh as I note a few scratches that weren't part of normal wear and tear of operation. I begin to get to work repairing the scratches and the normal wear and tear.
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IC: Sam types into his PDA and taps into the wifi here. He then hacks into Dantes suit's com system and says loudly"Так что же это наказание?"
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" don't play russian dumb@ss with me Same" i say into the com laughing
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IC: "I couldn't resist. I needed to test out my russian. Sam says with a laugh. "So what is the punishment"
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IC: " i have to help the queen take care of larva in the hive"
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IC: Sam chokes on his water "wait we have a whole hive down here and it isn't hostile?!?" Sam almost screams into the mic as he drops his water bottle on the floor and grabs his suit and puts it on "This I have to see"
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I set the containment device onto the work bench and scribble down a few notes and check the holo recorder. Don't worry about me doing something that I will regret. I'd have Dani down here in a milisec chewing me out for being reckless. I step out of my office and make sure the door is locked before I head down to the lab to grab a few more things that I needed.
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" sorry authorized personnel only and that's me i guess. I wouldn't go down there if i were you, they got some pretty mean tazers outside the doors"
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The Communication channel between Dante and Sam hisses with static, and a familiar Russian voice comes over it. "Нет, у вас есть что-то гораздо хуже охраняют улей." Someone says.
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IC: "That bites I wanted to see zerg that weren't trying to kill me for a change" He says. "well I guess I'll just cacth some shut eye then. Ok boris let me try this auto translater" Sam starts up a translation program that will send his message in Russian "Ok whats guarding it?"

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An Arthur-class Destroyer exits slip space and opens a channel to the Academy. {Academy control, this is Excalibur of the LEU. We've come to drop off additional security forces.}

{This is Academy Control. Ship ID confirmed. You may unload.} Several drop ships disembark from Excalibur and head for the surface of the planet, arriving several minutes later. A man in golden armor steps out of the first, a halberd on his back and submachine gun at his hip. On his waist hung two katana hilts. Speaking briefly with the Head Mechanic, he heads off into the Academy, knocking on Flint's office door about ten minutes later.
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I exit the lab with several Nerazim artifacts and head back for my office.

In a few moments I arrive back outside my office and notice the person standing out side my door. "Well I'll be damned. Cayl how is it going?" I ask as I walk up to the office door and enter in the pass code and place my hand over the biometric scanner.
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Cayl's helmet lowers, revealing an energetic and skilled man in his 40s with a full moustache, short brown hair and brilliant green eyes and a large grin. "Good to see you, Flint. I've been well, all things considered. You?"
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"I've been alright busy with getting things set up here and have a few projects that need to be done." The office door unlocks after the scanner takes a sample of my DNA. II open the door and gesture Cayl to go ahead.
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