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Outbreak: Hellions, reapers? Nah! Use...

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Banshees. I tried this today, and it was loads more fun. Why? Because it's 24 hour action. Day and night. Who knew banshees made such good night fighters?
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no one has banshees this early though
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First response pointed it out well to get banshee you have to delay doing the mission quite a bit.

Wraith might be a closer choice and still has cloak to protect it from infested marines.
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Pure reaper is a blast =p
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Reapers are awesome night and day. Half the time you mass them up and you can still blow up stuff all night and keep on moving around.
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reapers + upgrade = 24 hours of pure fun.
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02/26/2013 02:16 AMPosted by raiderryan
no one has banshees this early though
Except those who thought Firebats sounded so useless that they delayed that particular mission arc to the very end. But reapers are the best. They're so much fun to use in this mission.
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gotta admit I've never though of that one before....after I beat Hots on brutal might go back on casual and try this sounds interesting but the tech is almost end game; hats of though good sir; after a few years you think ppl would stop trying to innovate on the old campaign mode
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I actually tried that too, on one of my many many playthroughs. The most frustrating bit was that I couldn't get maxed out on Banshees since the gas on the map is really limited.

As an alternative, I would suggest playing Outbreak "In Utter Darkness" Style: Set difficulty to Brutal, refuse to hit the bases, and try to see how many nights you survive before being overrun. Might be a little too easy with Siege Tanks/Breakers, though.
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