Hi. I've been mucking around on the StarCraft Editor mostly figuring things out for myself. Keep in mind... I have no idea what I'm doing. But I do understand the very basic concepts. Anyway, I decided it might be a good idea for me to go through the tutorial that blizzard offers to refine my skills. I've got a few questions that aren't really problems I'm having with the tutorial, but more just curiosity to help clear things up.

Firstly, if you don't know what tutorial I'm talking about, its the one that appears when you click >help >online help and then select the txt in blue that reads StarCraft II editor guides.

Here's a link to where I'm referring too specifically


The main parts of the tutorial I'm talking about is right at the start. The section "Before we get started" In the window they show you, its the terrain selection that has document type and dependencies. When I click file new and I only see the terrain selection and new document type or dependencies, as if that parts been chopped off. What I do get, is something that looks completely different. A window which I can choose to select melee map, training map, arcade map or mod. I normally click arcade. Because otherwise, if I select melee map, it wont let me choose the dependencies. (I wont have that option like it does in the tutorial)

Then I get a second window where I select my dependencies and I can choose 'Include Campaign Data' Which I do... And then, I get the terrain/map options as it shows (but without the document type and dependencies). Why is it different for me. I'm a stickler for Clarity. I personally can get by... But I fear others who are completely new to map making might get confused, especially if there trying to follow the tutorial and get what I get, there going to be confused already and they haven't even started!

I think... it may be because I'm using windows 8. And the file documents just have a different look. But anyway, what are your thoughts.

The other problem, is pretty much straight after that. It goes on to building cliffs. (Same tutorial) it shows you how to make them etc. And starts placing them in the bottom left corner. On the tutorials explanations you can clearly see the cliffs are made. You can also see two square lines inside the mini map. A blue one, and a dotted yellow one. These don't appear for me. I know these are the boundary lines, and it may be because i've turned them off. But Ive started a new map? Why aren't they there like in the tutorials...

I just feel I haven't any control when I'm going through a tutorial and there's something that I can see, it has which I don't.

(If your confused with my post let me know, sometimes I feel I can be too wordy. But I wont to explain things as best I can so you know what i'm talking about) cheers
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