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Return of the Ultimate SC2 map - HotS Edition

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It's time to revive the old custom map ideas I had from the WoL campaign and start incorporating HotS changes and additions to the game! The changes to the game have been listed below and when I finally feel like changes should be finalized, I'll start applying them to new maps. These maps are not built for balance! They are built to just have fun and goof around and have fun with the changes. it might even give the devs some new ideas (and hopefully they are balanced ones). Since there as a limit to characters per post, I had to post the changes for the different races in replies. Some of these changes will be adjusted every so often, so if you follow the map just keep an eye open for the changes. There are a lot of new changes.

These are just a few of the changes I've been implementing. If you'd like to test out the map and tell me about your experiences, my character number is #626. Don't forget to leave comments or bug reports on the post!

The map name is Ultimate SC2 - Zenith. (Now has patch notes on information)

Status - Published (Version 2.5)
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Archon - +1 shield armor. Warp creation time reduced. Upgrade available at Templar Archives.

Carrier - +1 shield Armor, +50 Shields. Interceptors have +10 Life and Shield HP. Interceptors regenerate shields without delay. Faster build time. Interceptors no longer have a mineral cost.

Colossus - Increased Life HP.

Dark Templar - Given two new research options at Dark Shrine. Chrono Boost now works to speed up research.

High Templar - Khaydarin Amulet added back into Templar Archives. Range of Feedback increased to 10. Movement speed increased.

Immortal - +1 shield Armor. Can research an additional +1 range upgrade at robotics bay. Damage against all increased +5 (Does not add more damage against armored). Larger unit model.

Mothership - Purifier beam damage increased dramatically and has a splash damage effect. Life and shield armor increased. HP and Shield life increased. It also possesses the Planet Cracker ability which was seen in the campaign of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty on the mission "Safe Haven." Vortex (WoL version) returned to the Mothership. Cost increased to balance it's power and durability.

Oracle - Increased shield life to 100.

Phoenix - New Upgrade that increases energy regeneration of phoenixes. Shields increased to 80 HP.

Scout - Added in the Scout. It switches it's weapons based on light or armored targets. Uses Photon Blasters on light targets and Anti-Matter Missiles on armored targets. Now considered a light unit.

Stalker- Damage increased by +2. Armored damage bonus increases by an additional +1 per upgrade level.

Tempest - Increased shield armor by +1. Added a new upgrade that increases attack speed.

Void Ray- +1 life armor. Flux Vanes added back into Fleet Beacon research but speed and acceleration decreased.

Warp Prism - +1 life armor. Gains +2 additional shield armor when in Phase Mode.
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Battlecruiser - Given the Defense Matrix ability and the Warp Jump ability (hyperion jump from HotS campaign). ATS and ATA weapons have +1 range and increased attack speed.

Ghost - May auto cast sniper rounds if chosen to. Damage changed from 25 (+25 Psionic) to 50 (-15 Massive). +1 weapon range.

Hellbat - Armor increased by +1.

Perdition Turret - Built by SCVs. Requires Engineering Bay. Building armor upgrade and Hi-Sec upgrade to buildings also applies to it.

Reaper - Faster build time. Now has the ability to use the G-4 Cluster Bomb ability as seen in the "Wings of Liberty" campaign. G-4 Clusterbombs require an armory and a tech lab to research. Range increased to 5. Build time reduced. D-8 Charges still in the Reaper's arsenal. They once again will require a tech lab to train. Deals 6x2 damage (+2 against light).

Siege Tank - Life increased to 200. Primary gun damage increased by +5 (not shock cannon). Looking to add an upgrade later on.

Spectre - +1 life armor. May now be built from barracks if you have Shadow Ops (replaced Ghost Academy) and Tech Lab. Ghost upgrades apply to Spectres as well. Psionic Lash cast time reduced to 1.5 seconds. Speed Reduced. HP increased to 110. 1.75 weapon speed.

Raven - Ravens can now use Nano repair.

Thor - +2 life armor. Strike Cannons returned! Decreased time to deploy and withdraw time of Strike Cannons. Increased Strike Cannon range to 10. 250mm Punisher Cannons (High Impact Payload) deal less damage but shoot much faster.

Viking - Vikings gain +1 armor. Assault Mode grants additional +35 life (similar to Hellbat for,). Assault Mode now fires gatling cannons faster. New upgrade at Starport Tech Lab.

Warhound - Has returned! Requires a tech lab to build. Weapon sound modified to sound like a penetrator round. Weapon speed decreased to 1.7. Life reduced to 175. movement speed reduced to 2.25.

Widow Mine - Increased cost by 25 minerals and gas. Increased range to 6. Lowered time to fire to 30 seconds.
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Burrow - Unlocked from the start for all units. This is mainly due to a dependency problem where every zerg unit starts out with burrow.

Baneling - New upgrades at Lair and Hive level. Centrifugal Hooks now available at hatchery level.

Broodlord - Larger unit model (better for people who want to focus fire on them). Speed upgrade at greater spire.

Corruptor - Corruption cooldown has been lowered and can be set to auto-cast (Will not be cast on already corrupted targets). Attack damage and speed increased. Upgrades to decrease cast time of corruption by 50%. Reduced life to 175 and reduced armor by 1.

Evolution Chamber - Looking to add building and Nydus upgrades to the Evolution Chamber.

Guardian - Armored assault flyer. Morphs from Mutalisk. Guardians can attack air and ground units. Used to turn the Mutalisk from a harass unit into a slow, but durable assault unit. They have two upgrades available.

Hydralisk - New speed life increase upgrade now available (as one upgrade). Grooved Spines now grants +2 range. They are no longer considered light units, only Biological.

Infestor - +1 Natural Armor. Fungal Growth deals 40 damage over 4 seconds. Neural Parasite Range increased to 10. Neural Parasite may be used underground. Increased the movement speed of Infested Terrans.

Lurker - Lurkers added. +3 range Hive upgrade. Lair Requirement for Lurker Den. Damage scaled by +1 (+1 armored) with upgrades.

Mutalisk - Secondary and tertiary attacks of glaive wurm scaled by 50% for the prior attack, up from 33%. New upgrade available.

Nydus Network / Worm - New Portrait of the Nydus Worm. Not sure why this was left out anyway. More durable Nydus Worm. Nydus Destroyer and Creep Tower added. Nydus Destroyer damage changed and can also hit units (ground only).

Queen - Changed the Queen to the Swarm Queen from the campaign. Swarm Queens can now inject larva. Life and cost is the same as normal queens now.

Roach - Roaches regenerate 1 life per second while above ground. Gileal Reconstruction added as a tier 1 upgrade. Organic Carapace added as tier 3 (but HP regeneration greatly decreased). Burrow speed increased.

Swarm Host - Added a new upgrade to the Swarm Host at Hive level. Locusts deal -2 damage. Locusts now have +20 life.

Ultralisk - Added in Tissue Assimilation upgrade from campaign. Ultralisks now have burrow charge.

Viper - You may now use Consume to drain life from any biological unit or structure except for allies. It may be set to Auto-cast to act like an attack. Abduct stuns enemy units for 1 second when used. Blinding cloud affects structures and also slows down units in the area. Require a Greater Spire.

Zergling - New research upgrade available at lair level. Adrenal Glands attack speed increased.
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The map has been published for play. However, there are a few bugs already spotted. I really wish the damn dependency didn't overwrite almost EVERYTHING ZERG!

1.Creep Tumors now only have one charge, but the model changes back to a normal tumor even after used (is still a used up tumor).

I'm still looking to incorporate pictures and music into the map sometime down the road!

Future Plans

Eradicator - Looking in to adding a new protoss robot that uses an anti-structure long range laser with short range electric field to fight against other units.

- Looking to add in an upgrade that allows them to pick up enemies on radar (much shorter range than Terran tower)
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