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Lost Viking Gold: Keyboard Macro?

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I'm trying to get the Lost Viking Gold achievement and also not trying to get carpal tunnel syndrome. Is it considered cheating or can I get banned if I create and execute a macro that spams the spacebar?

NOTE: I have NOT used this yet and am not planning on using it if it considered cheating.
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IDK, try it. If you get banned, we'll all know... wait, we wont...
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There's alternate controls; WASD to move, and something to fire. Just start and try every key. I got my gold by switching from one control scheme to the other, and taking short breaks between levels.
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wasd move
v to shoot
b to bomb
Heaps easier
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No you aren't going to get banned for making a key board macro that presses a button, crikey, lmao.

There are keyboards out there that have built in macro capabilities, will you get banned just for owning them or do you have to use them first? heh.
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You'll only get banned if you have a macro that executes several commands in succession. And if and only if it's attached to only one button you'll be fine.
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As long as you are intelligent about it you should be fine. I can set my macro, on my keyboard, timings so it will be within the range of how a human would do it. Although I have not made any for SC2 I did run them in other games without issue. Just don't have it do 12 keystrokes in less than a second. 200-300apm would be 3-5 keystrokes a second so stay in that range.
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Lost Viking was pretty easy. Spamming spacebar wasn't bad either. Just hold the button down when there's less action for a break.
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My keyboard allows for macro keys 1 -18 and I had them set up so that each key would build a specific unit like Macro for key 1 builds an SCV (4 S) Key 2 builds marine (5 a) etc etc etc. So I played a couple of games VS the AI and was digging it because my APM skyrocketed. But as I was pwning the computer a thought came to me. I could set up Key one to build one round of units for example if I set key 1 to (5 a a a a a a d d) It would select my barracks control group and make 6 Marines and 2 Marauders. So even if it is allowed I mean really what's the point it takes the fun out of the game. So I turned off the macros and as a result I'm still a noob, but at least I am a noob with honor!
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I got this achievement by mapping my buttons to my ps3 controller. So much easier with a controller.
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