Height Maps?

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Is there a way to import height maps into sc2 map editor?
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Importing height maps is a suggestion we received a while ago and it's still on our wish list for editor features. But adding the feature will take some work to implement and it's not clear that it would receive a lot of use.
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03/07/2013 01:04 PMPosted by Tenarsis
it's not clear that it would receive a lot of use.

Well, you never know! It could just be that tool that all mappers dream of, but don't have the heart or knowledge to ask for it. Why not poke the community for their opinion on the matter? Give them an idea of what they should/could be used for, in hopes of sparking enough creative force to drive it to implementation.
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Wouldint it be pretty simple in theory ? I mean I know it's pretty complex but for example. If you had a 2 pixel wide height map then you could make an array of those values. Next you could subdivide the terrain mesh by however many pixels. Then just have a for loop that would run through and assign mesh 0,0 the height of he fist pixel and 0,1 the second pixels height? Bi know its really complex butane makeing a really basic one for the community tha we could toy around with? I know I would use it!
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I think height values are stored as 16bit per point if I recall. Would be neat to import say, Google Earth land data to make a map. Or even use Photoshop and import a 16bit TGA or something to paint land.
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Yes! I would use it!
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(Doesn't know what a height map is) >.> <.< >.>

Anyone want to explain? :D
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A heightmap is basically a 2D image in which shades of color are used to store data about the height of the point at that pixel. Basically, if it's a black and white heightmap, you could have it so that the lighter a point is, the higher it would be in game, and vice versa.
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I would really like to see heightmaps.
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