gates of hell shortcuts

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So.. One of the achievements for the Gates of Hell mission is to rescue 10 drop pods on Hard. I constantly hear about people complaining that this is hard and makes them feel rushed.

Simple solution: Drop a MULE next to each pod as it lands. You won't get the units (they'll be wiped out almost immediately), but the mission is easy enough to beat with MMM ball.

Also - I found it ridiculous that I could mass barracks in my base and make some defense agains the little rushes, then just rally my rax units to Warfield's base with drop pods researched. Killing the Nydus worms is just an a-move away after that :)
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Yeah I was a little stunned when I found out about that. After I played Gates of Hell the first time, I was pretty exhausted from trying to rescue the pods and fighting my way to Warfield. I figured that it would be very difficult to get the achievements for this level. But the MULE trick makes this one of the easiest levels out there. It almost seems like developer error. Getting both achievements and finishing the level on Hard was easier than doing some other levels on Normal.
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I dropped Spectres, and had four nukes ready. :B
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I just went out and saved them.....

even on brutal it was really easy to do. My first playthrough I lost one drop pod because I screwed up and went to attack the base at the top corner and then had a double drop happen... but aside from that, easy.
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From what I've found the secret to the mission is to keep under 100 supply and once you get all the pods and get Jackson's Revenge with flyer merc support you can go on the offensive and work on clearing the map before you go over 100 supply.
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