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My 1-min cutscene: "New Gettysburg" Briefing

Since the release of StarCraft II, I had wanted to recreate SC1 lore in SC2 engine.

One of the key points I want to achieve is using SC2 assets to recreate the Mission Briefing Room of SC1. So I need to use Render-To-Texture to render portrait character models on 3 big TV screens.

But at that time, RTT feature is limited to Blizzard maps only. So I felt futile, and cease to do that.

Now in 2.0.4, blizzard finnally lifted the restrictions on RTT feature. So we can use it in our own maps. But there are already too many sc1 campaign remake project created by others. So I feel no need to duplication works.

So I decide only to remake the Briefing Room of SC1.

And here is it, a 1- minute cutscene about mission briefing. I made it in 2 days, using only the Cutscene Editor (without any after-effects or triggers)

The mission I chose is the "New Gettysburg" of SC1. In which mission, Kerrigan was abandoned by Mengsk. It is a crucial turning point in the whole SC lore.

(Please see it in Full Screen, High Quality to see the subtitles)

Again, I can't access y2b in China. I asked my friend to help me uploaded them. So please tell me if these videos not display properly.

You can compare the old briefing room in SC1 and the "new" briefing room I created in the scene:

I used RTT feature to display the charactors on the briefing screens, so they are not pre-rendered movie files. I place the charactor models in other places of the scene, and used 3 camera to capture them on the fly, and project them onto the TV screens.
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Raynor supposed to be bald at that time?

Well, in SC1 it seems that Raynor is bald. But in the 'Story So Far - A New Era' video in SC2

There is a artwork shows 'Raynor evacuates Mar Sara' (by Wei Wang , 2009):

In this artwork, it seems he do have hairs at that time, so I think it's a ret-con. I chose the new concept art.

I also prepared a hair-shaved verion model XD (Unused):
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This is really cool. Does it means you can create multiple "custom" minimap? Like, different size, different display, you could play a minimap with interference effects, and such.
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Well I don't think Raynor should use the current model, but it's enough for a placeholder.

I like what you've done, having full cutscene briefings instead of those boring remakes is a good idea.

But I think the briefing room is kind of dull and boring, Having Mengsk give orders on the bridge of the Hyperion would be more interesting, and it makes sense lore wise. Best of all, there's a Set all there ready for you.
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Yea, I made that cutscene in Wol 2.0.4

I had hoped to improve it after I get the red-hair kerrigan in Swarm cutscene.

But that model doesn't exist in client so far... Sad
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Well, I found that I actually pasted the link of a CN subtitled version.

Replaced with the EN version now :)
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