StarCraft® II

Darkest Heart

OOC: And Manga and some comics

IC: Shuri gets up and almost glomps Seraphim again but I stop her. "Shurimakto!" I point to a spot next to me and her ears dip she kisses Seraphim on the cheek before she returns to her fox form and bounds over to me laying where I pointed her tails swaying happily behind her.
The tips of my ears now a bright red, I cough and somehow avoid looking at my feet;
"So... ah... Names. yeah, I'm Seraphim Dante."
I say holding out my hand to woman with the highly unusual fox.
I stand up and shake Seraphim's hand. "Helen Mytycana. Nice to meet you. Sorry about Shuri she hasn't really been around males that aren't of the Mytycana family in some time."
I grumble under my breath. "You can say that again."
I turn towards Tobi. "What is that supposed to mean?"
I cough and try not to look at the "Fox";
IC: Kain enters the front yard with his Katana sheathed in his left hand, in his other hand he has a large sack that seems to be dripping blood. He looks around at the people there.
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Steel, There's a bunch of people just outside the doors...
IC: I walk up to the 3 tailed fox "aren't these supposed to have 9 tails?" i ask the owner
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"It means she's living up to her form of demon's name."
"Doing what? Watching? Keeping myself informed? Reacting to a fireball passing by my face when I was focusing on something else?" Mercedes asks in confusion.

The Natuur notices the curling grapevine and moves his foot, before it can fall a small tree takes the place of the druid's leg. He walks through the little park he had been growing. Bright yellow tulips and blood red roses were blooming. And then a few strange silver pedaled plants that glowed start to grow.
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"True." I say to Tobi before turning to Nasu. "Yes but her other tails are sealed in the sword she is bound to and she can't access them."
IC: "oh i get it. Then that must mean your sword is immensely powerful if you have 2/3s of an essence's strength inside it"
darkra were you talking to me or SF? as we are rather confused and you seem to be as well ...
03/11/2013 06:46 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
darkra were you talking to me or SF? as we are rather confused and you seem to be as well ...

uuuh i dunno so what i got outta that is your character has a sword with an essence's power in it "/
no no no Shuri is not an essence she is a Kyuubi (AKA Kitsune) which is completely different and yes she is bound to a sword and much of her power is locked in said sword but the sword only draws on the power Shuri actually has access to.
"Well let us clear this up. I summoned a fire essence which took the shape as a three tailed fox. TheLostMorph has a three tailed fox called a Kyuubi which has two thirds of its power locked away in a sword."
OOC: oh.... well that's confusing
"No, for scuffing up the statues. It takes a long time to clean them."
darkra ... this is the rough size of Shuri compared to a woman about the same size as Helen (in height anyway ... I think .. hard to tell with pics like this)

IC: "Yes it would be if it drew power from those other six tails but it doesn't. And Shuri is NOT an essence."
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