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Need info on 'Raid Night' achievement.

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Hi, I keep finding completely conflicting information on what counts towards the 'Raid Night' achievement of completing the WoL campaign in under 8 hours.

1. If I fail a mission or do it more slowly than I would like, can I just load a previous save without adding to my total time?

2. Am I allowed to use the in-game "restart mission" button upon completing a mission, without adding to my total time?

I have googled this and found different forum posts that literally contradict each other on this issue, so I would like to get this cleared up once and for all. Thanks!
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I believe you can reload a previous save if you screw up or take longer than you would have liked, but I don't know if restart mission upon completing it works to try and shave off more time. I'm pretty sure though that replaying through the mission archives does count to your total time played.
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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, through Googling, several people have asked the same question I have, and I've seen several replies that have started out with "I believe...", "I'm pretty sure...", but then the different answers disagree with each other. So I would really like confirmation from somebody who has tested this.

I do appreciate the answer though; I don't mean to be rude. If you actually mean that you're *sure* that you can do these things, I apologize for assuming otherwise. I guess usually I read "I believe" and "I'm pretty sure" as things people use to preface claims they haven't tested themselves.
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So, I'm about to start the last achievement for WoL which is the "Raid Night" achievement like the OP, and I'm wondering the same thing. If I mess up a mission, can I just reload it without taking a penalty to my time? Or does it have to be done in a single play-through?
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If I remember correctly, not only can you load a save, replaying it from the mission archives will replace your old time with your new one if it's better (great if it turns out you were a bit over).
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