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Unable to complete online purchase of HOTS.

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Hey, I'm posting here for a friend. To be clear I've successfully purchased HOTS from the site myself, but a friend of mine is having issues and has temporarily given up on buying HOTS altogether. Every time he enters his payment information on the site and attempts a purchase, it says "An error has occured" and links him to tech support. He's also very wary of tech support and has bad experiences with tech support in general in the past, so he's not attempting to approach it. Guy didn't give me any specifics, other than after entering his CC info it keeps doing this, and he's holding off on re-attempting now because he is worried he is being charged for the product he is not successfully receiving.

This is a two pronged post as both a bug report as well as asking a question there may or may not be a definite answer to;

Will his CC be charged from failed attempts, is there no way of telling as it is case-by-case, and if so can he receive a refund if he is being charged without receiving the product?

Thanks to anyone answering.
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I have same issue, i type everything correctly with VISA and it says wrong card number eaven though it doesnt show red boxes...soo it means its xactually correct...and sometimes it gives same message as ur friend did.....terrible bug i guess GG hots ill quit sc2
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Experiencing same problem. "An error has occurred. Please fill out all required fields." using Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Yes, I checked Accept Terms...

What up Blizzard, my money's not good enough for you?

Hah, I'm reminded of the Error 37 boss battle from Diablo 3. Blizzard may have nerfed Inferno, but I think they should really be focusing on nerfing the pre-game ubers... =P
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Click "New Address" and make sure all the necessary information is filled in there. Apparently my primary phone number wasn't saved from a previous purchase? Good luck and have fun.
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I just got HOTS for starcraft 2 and everytime i go to play starcraft , wow hearthstone any game its says im offline and when i click go online it says i cant connect to

the exact saim thing happend to my brother when he tryed downloading it

if you know how to fix this plz help
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