How do you do a Reaper rush?

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48:30 - 1:00:57 TvZ
1:16:35 - 1:33:59 TvZ against Nasreth (common forum poster) TvP (I go all in this game) TvT TvP

Only watched those replays on the twitch feed so far and man, interesting stuff but odd. I know I play on a whole different (lower) level but I've never seen Zerg mass lings that way. Most Zerg I fight go nearly all Roaches, which I have hard time defending because I never seem to have enough Marauders and I can't manufacture Banshees quick enough. For that matter I can't imagine winning by massing only marines, or marine and widow mine. My micro isn't that good I guess. Why didn't either of those Zerg players mass roaches, seems that would have cleaned up your marines, maybe I'm wrong. Or why not even Swarm Hosts, marines don't seem too good against those either, though, well you could have just dropped on them I guess, so nvm. Why not Roaches though?

Well, I'll keep learning but watching that makes it abundantly clear I'll never make Diamond :) I'd like to at least get Gold though, or top 8 in Silver. I definitely also play way too passively. Not nearly aggressive enough.
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Siege tanks are good agaisn't roaches.
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In team game.

10 SD
13 Refinery x 2
14 Rax
15 SD
16 Rax
18 SD
Reactor on rax on completition.
When you have 6 reapers, queue 4 more, then 4 more.
Move to the sweet spot.
Wait for 10 reapers, queue 4 mores, attack
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