Crash the Party achievement. HELP.

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Crash the party.

Destroy all dominion structures in the "Planetfall" mission before the 5th Bile Launcher lands on Hard difficulty.

This is the only achievement I am missing. Any advice from people that have done it?

Edit: I swear I just did the achievement, but got nothing. I;m starting to think I am missing something.
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Please help!
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There are a couple missile turrets that are on high ground in 2 random places on the right side of map. (That have no ramp) Had to bring in overlords to be able to see them. I know thats what confused me when i did it. Hope this helps
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Oh my god!
Haha You were right. That was it. Thanks
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what was your units of choice to complete this? I mainly makes swarm host, but I don't feel it's sufficient. I'm always about 1-2min late, and I get my second base really early.
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Have the x2 drone ability, automatic extractors, and the drop pod. The composition is mutaling.

Drone up until ~20 drones. Put down all extractors and double evo and spire, and start upgrades. You shouldn't be making units until you have secured the expansion on the left and completely saturated it.

Anyways, clear the left up to the ramp, and defend the first bile cannon. Then make sure the bile cannon on the right of your base stays alive (because you can only let 2 die). Once 5:00 rolls around drop pod the base on the left, and make sure to be kinetic blasting all the tanks. Expand there. After this I cleared all the areas in this order:

Area between 2nd bile cannon and expo (not much here)
Top left of expansion (one of the gates)
The cliff leading to what will be your third expansion (approach from the left)
Clear out that expansion (with drop pods if you have them)
The gate immediately down the ramp to the right of that expansion (which you should take now)
The base in the bottom right of the map (don't forget the missile turret on the high ground)
The area with the last gate and the cliff above it
The area across the bridge

Things to make sure of:
Keep your upgrades going
4 spines with a few swarm hosts wherever you need them.
You need like 3 macro hatches on top of your base hatches to keep the units coming
Other than that just have good muta control - dart in snipe turrets, bunkers, tanks, avoid thors. Use muta regeneration.
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Swarm Hosts in campaign isn't good for doing achievement as far as offensive is concerned. Because they don't auto spawn locusts unless there are enemies in range/sight, and you can't set a rally point for them, you have to manually cast the locust to send them to a specific location which is annoying if all the locusts are killed and there is no enemy in range/sight again.

I did it with infestors parasite Terran's air units, and clear the ground with broodlords/ultras.
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I used mutaling and got it this way.

And for the swarm hosts, spread creep. Dont have a big issue with what you are explaining.
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Damn I swamred the whole map before the 5th Bile Launcher, killed even the hidden turrets and the stats say I killed 57 of 69 buildings?

Ohhh I'm a very noob player and I went Roach + Hydra.

I manage to kill a lot of buildings by the second and third Launchers but I dont know what I am missing.

EDIT: nevermind, I counted it wrong because I had already lost one Launcher. So it is even worse, I can't kill all buildings by the 6th Launcher :-(
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There is an entire enemy base across a bridge in the northeast corner.

I spent weeks trying to get this and finally gave up. Then a full month later I got bored so I picked up the game and got it on the first try. I didn't even build a proper army. I destroyed 90% of the buildings with Kerrigan and Drop Pods and cleaned up the ones I missed with banelings and mutalisks.

I still can't get Premature Evacuation though.
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Do the augustgrad gates count as the buildings?
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^ No.
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^ thx man :D
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Just use Kerrigan to wipe out most of their base while macroing up units. You can do this achievement with one base if you really just hard use Kerrigan and her abilities. Send her up the left side of the map and just let her keep rolling the enemy. Using her jumping auto and the broodlings, you can take out units in a series of mini-pushes and then send in the zerglings/roaches/hydras that are dropped down. While Kerrigan wipes off the entire left side of the map, keep queuing up units. Abominations, roaches and hydras are all you need. And by that I mean they are you force to keep the bile launchers alive. If you really want to, you can make an expansion at the left mineral node to speed up unit production, but as long as you can keep all larvae mutated, you wont need it. Once you have a sizable force, you can use it to help flank bases with Kerrigan and the should let you wipe out the middle and right corner bases. Don't forget a Overlord for the hidden Missile Turrets. After those two are gone, all that is left is the base in the upper right hand corner. Send Kerrigan in first to take care of the bigger guys and then just swarm it with her calling down drop pods and then the rest of your forces. This should get you the achievement with time to spare.

Save frequently in case you are attacking and the Dominion decides to attack one of your Bile Launchers.
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