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Tychus Findlay is dead or alive?

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10/03/2013 02:07 PMPosted by Toshinden
We do not require Tychus to come back alive nor do we need him alive. Stukov and Tassadar have already been revived to give the older fans some happiness and to move the plot forward. Tychus' return doesn't rightly help anything right now. Besides, I think Tychus' death was fine. Maybe it could have used more lines to have Tychus say his farewells but it was fine. Let us allow Tychus to remain dead as Fenix and Raszagal are.

seeing as it was left on 'char' though the protoss homeworld, after the end of WoL it could be possible that the protoss took their homeworld back and resurrected tycus as a 'immortal/stalker/dragoon' like they did with fenix. they may even bring back tassadar*(spelt wrong i know) as a stalker/immortal aswell cause he only died the one time. all in all though we will have to see what blizzard wants to do with the situation. personally i wouldnt mind seeing tycus,fenix or tassadar back. they were all awesome.

Fenix wasn't killed at Antioch.

He was defeated, and then to keep him alive was transferred into a dragoon.
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03/20/2013 01:35 PMPosted by Pitalla

03/20/2013 01:35 PMPosted by Pitalla
dead cause of Jim's obsession with Kerrigan.

He was killed because Kerrigan double crossed the Protoss and Dominion while they were against the UED.

Tychus was never "confirmed" dead in Flashpoint. If anything, they left it intentionally ambiguous when Raynor ordered his 'body' be left on the planet because he'd be too heavy to carry. They do NOT check him. They do NOT look for vitals.

He was confirmed dead. Just because there are possibilities, that doesn't mean that they are true. It also was confirmed in Flashpoint... If I may quote, "Leave is corpse out to rot on Char..."
Do you actually think Blizzard would pull some kind of BS where Tychus wakes up on Char, nearly dead but not quite, with the destroyed fortresses to pick through and try to find a dropship?

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Fenix was thought killed on Aiur - however, Protoss Dragoon technology was specifically designed for just his such situation. Either the Dragoon technology was able to actually resurrect the recently-dead, or he was not *quite* dead, but certainly very close.

Fenix's death on Korhal, however, had nothing to do with Raynor's "obsession" with Kerrigan. After his encounter with her on Char, he had stayed the hell away from her, and considered her simply lost. Gone. The Sarah Kerrigan he knew was dead, as far as he knew. Kerrigan came to him and Fenix on Aiur to initiate their shaky alliance against the UED, sparking events from the end of the UED's invasion of Korhal onward. From there, Raynor and Fenix *both* agreed to work with her toward the goal of ending the UED and the new Overmind's threat. It was Fenix's forces that she had to fight through to reach his Dragoon, not the Raiders. While Jim's forces were no doubt present, his forces were not shown in that battle, and as such can be considered to have not been a major presence when Kerrigan ambushed and betrayed the Dominion and Protoss forces, following Korhal's liberation.

Tychus was killed because of *EVERYONE'S obsession with Kerrigan, not just Jim's. It was Arcturus who sent him out in the first place to steer events toward Kerrigan's death. It was Valerian's plan to de-infest the Queen of Blades, and it was Jim Raynor who agreed to work with Valerian to rescue Sarah Kerrigan. Tychus knew that with Arcturus holding the gun to his head, he needed to stay the course. But fighting alongside his old friend again, he began to question himself. His self-preservation warred with his loyalty to his buddy, little Jimmy Raynor. When the moment came, he hesitated. He held the rifle steady, aiming at Kerrigan, and gave Raynor time to make the choice. He didn't want to have to betray his friend... but in the end, it was him, or Kerrigan. As he took the shot, Raynor blocked it, and shot Tychus instead.

Now, I will grant that Stukov gives a precedence for ressurection and infestation all in the same package, but that was during the time when there were still cerebrates around operating their own agendas. Kerrigan has since hunted them all down and eliminated them, and the Swarm is now under her complete control, and she's stopped such experiments with humans. There are no zerg forces *left* to collect his body and infest it/revive it. And even if there were, they would have to pull it off. If resurrecting dead humans through infestation was easy, there would be a lot more than just Stukov on record.

There may be precedence for resurrection via Protoss or Zerg forces... but without any such intervention, the chances of Tychus coming back are somewhere between zip and zilch.
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03/24/2013 01:19 PMPosted by Magnit
I'm pretty sure there's also a chat option with Horner where he says that someone has wired up Tychus' armor to a "kill switch" that will shut down his organ's at the press of a button. Mengsk essentially had a gun to Tychus' head.

And thus Tychus would die either way. So he decided to give Jim the chance so he would not die by mengks' hand.
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I think Raynor faked Tychus's death to fool Mengsk. Mengsk faked Raynor's death in HotS, so you know it's on their minds.

***Raynor OWES Tychus big time for not ratting him out. Raynor repays his debts.***

Tychus was released with multiple murder convictions and got his old powered combat armor and gun from military storage. If it wasn't booby trapped, Tychus would be chasing girls (9 years in prison). Raynor and Matt Horner would have asked a clueless Valerian immediately. That leaves Daddy Mengsk

The armor would probably be bugged, so Tychus could never discuss anything, and Raynor couldn't clue him in.

Jim had to stage a convincing death, and disable the booby trap at the same time A flag battleship is stuffed to the walls with sensors, and Tychus has to sleep sometime. Just take a good scan of the armor while Tychus is snoozing off a drunk (9 years in prison, still no girls). Let the drama play out to the finish to keep Mengsk happy and shoot Tychus non-fatally. Emperor Mengsk, believes he's won, Tychus is zerg poop and Raynor had to shoot his best friend.

Jim knows Tychus, he knows Mengsk and new that Mengsk had to believe Tychus dead and the suit malfunctioning, or he'd just keep sending assassins after Tychus (can't let word get out that big dumb Tychus outsmarted Mengsk)

Raynor isn't an idiot, he knew exactly what Tychus had in mind. Tychus was Jim's friend for many, many years. Tychus would be happy to hide out as a bouncer in a house of prostitution. Like last time. Tychus either stays hidden or spends the rest of his short life trying to hide from invisible Ghost assassination teams. Mengsk would kill anyone to stop the galaxy thinking he'd been outsmarted by big, dumb Tychus Findlay.

Kerrigan said "I heard about what happened with Tychus", and Raynor clamped the subject down immediately. They were still in Valerians's lab full of scanning bio sensors and undoubtedly voice recording everywhere. Kerrigan reads Raynor's thoughts, so she'd understand immediately and stop talking. And Raynor is also quite vague (best way to lie, especially inside a bio-sensor lab).
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03/18/2013 01:17 PMPosted by Clamatowas
I think I may be crazy, I know I saw a cuteness where Jim and Tychus where talking, and I cannot remember it word for word, but Jim was saying he was glad he came to his senses so he did not need to shoot him over Kerrigan. And Tychus response was something smerk like I am glad so I did not need to kill you...

Am I crazy or does that movie really exist?

High caliber bullet passing through his gray matter and splattering it.

He's dead. Get past it.
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He's gone, Jim saved Kerrigan. Jim knew he was working for mysterious contractor- No deal, I do it my way ;)
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blizzard has brought back enough characters from the dead.
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Although the idea of Tychus being brought back would be an interesting spin on the game story, I think he is definitely dead.

And on the subject of Kerrigan and Jim getting back together, there is nothing in the Sci-Fi books that says you can't be in an interracial relationship. Also, just because Kerrigan says she renounced everything to fight Amon, doesn't mean that they won't get together in the end....My 2 cents, for what it is worth.

As for Matt leading the human race, Heheheh, what happened to the young Prince Charming. Lol...They kill him too?
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