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HOTS Install: DOWNLOAD even if I have DVD?

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Hell, I'm on a fibre connection and I'm still pissed about this! What a crock!

Same with the forcing me to change my secret question and authenticator... really? The whole point in having an authenticator in the first place is you set it up once and forget about it!

And the secret question is just another LESS SECURE password because it's easy to find that stuff out with a google search, so now I've got to remember that my mother's maiden name is actually SKLJlfi2hj342l3ih5089YFFEYISHL.

Way to put a dampner on the whole excitement of the next chapter, I don't think I've felt quite this bummed about a game release in... what, three days since Sim City came out? I guess this is the future, spending hours wrestling with unnecessary technology instead of actually getting to relax and play a game after a hard day of work.
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Always-on DRM ..... always-over-the-internet install .... why don't you just send a guy named Butch over to my house to watch while I play your game, to make sure I don't let anyone else see it, or touch it, or say crude things about the new Kerrigan ....

To the engineers and programmers at Blizzard, please kick the f-ing marketing people out of the room when they give you these brilliant ideas. You're better than this.
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If I buy the CD, will there be a digital copy in my account as well?
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i still have about 5 GB to download...even did the uninstall/reinstall with the it's more than just the cinematics

i bought the full fledged collectors edition too @_@ lets not blame Blizzard per say......all this crap started when Activision got into the picture, even the Diablo 3 constant connection crap.......
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I too am pretty furious. I bought the disc so I wouldnt have to eat my data. It would have been cheaper to have just bought a digital copy and go over on data...
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The version on disk is a rather old patch, apparently. It's better than downloading the whole thing from scratch, but not by a whole lot.
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This is ridiculous, what the gaming industry is turning into. I live in the back end of nowhere, and average about 50 kb/s. Seriously. I have a few up-sides, because all downloads are free from 7:00 p.m to 7:00 a.m and on weekends as well. But seriously, way to screw this up Blizzard.
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Until yesterday I had WoL, and due to the spawning event I was able to play HOTS with a friend. So I thought "Does that mean I have HOTS installed already? I'll buy the DVD just in case".

Now here I am, stuck at the downloader and still waiting for 5gb to finish my "installation". What a bummer!
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This is pretty dumb, I bought a physical copy of Heart of the Swarm from Walmart just like I did Wings of Liberty (only then I bought it the day after it came out). Wings of Liberty was fast and easy to install... I don't have the issue of having to pay by the GB to download (good lord if I did I would be f'n steamed more than Valve...) but still I only have crappy AT&T DSL 3 MB/S because it's basically free internet for having my landlord live upstairs... so the maximum download I can possibly get if I'm lucky is between 150 kb/s to 300 kb/s (on a good day, but that rarely happens). WoL I installed very fast because the game was on the disc, any discrepencies or patches I didn't have were downloaded and installed quickly. Now I have to not only download the cinematics... but the entire game as well... if it's not patched completely already then I will have to download those too. This is just one of the many reasons I'm not a huge Blizzard fan anymore, after being one since Warcraft 1 and playing WoW since Vanilla and buying all of Blizzard's games on day one or the first week and getting the dumb annual pass etc etc, I've just had enough. All of their decisions as of the past few years have just gone from bad to worse and I'm just tired of giving them all my money.. things like 25 dollars for a single mount and then releasing a new mount every few months just so people will keep giving them money by the hundreds of thousands.. good lord, it's exhausting to the average consumer! Anyway had to blow off steam since it's been forever since I've posted on these forums but this a reason why I waited so long to buy HotS just because I didn't think it would be worth it... let's hope on my crappy computer with a 5 year old video card this game will still actually look halfway decent or run above 10-15 FPS haha
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Google brought me here!

On a side note, and speaking of:

This is ridiculous, what the gaming industry is turning into."

It's like my CE/LE/SE of "Dark Souls II". The soundtrack CD is a data disc containing MP3's... NOT impressed.
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tell me this blizzard

HOW MANY BLUNTS DID YOU SMOKE OUT OF A !@#$ ??????????????????

before deciding on this AWFUL EMBARRASSING MISTAKE

why even waste all the overhead on packaging, CD production, shipping, assembling, ALL THAT BS


you guys are %^-*ING HIGH
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Well...Heart of the Storm was my last Blizzard game.

I do not play games that require me to have to download them, specially after I bought the retail DVD from the store.

What was once a great game company that used to care about the community of players has simply turned it's back on them and gone stupid. As SyLynSur mentioned above....a complete waste of packaging and money, nothing like cutting into your bottom line in order to force downloads upon people.

Many of which like me will go and buy a game off the shelf because we know we do not have great Internet connections and still want to play and support the game company....

You lose.
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Why can't I install HOTS? I have the disk. I redeemed the code. You guys are rich. Help out us poor idiots. Would it be easier if I downloaded it from a torrent site?
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i have a question i both the full disk of statecraft II heart of the swarm i was playing it then i uninstall it how to i install it again?
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