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Simple Question on Mission Archive

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Simple Question: Do I lose all missions in mission archive when start new campaign?

In other words: After I completed all campaign missions, I started a new campaign and reached mission 5. Would i ever be able to play mission 20 if i dont want to go through mission 6-19 all over again? if the answer is no, then this sucks, this means I cannot access
missions I have already completed if i ever would like to start a new campaign unless I complete the campaign.
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I think so. That is why I have a saved game right before the final mission (and before char) in case I want to go back. However you can't change your armies "spec" you are stuck with what you had when you replay any mission.
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My strategy has been, as I run through all the hard achievements (And prepare to take the dive into Brutal difficulty), to stash away all money, only spending research points. Then, when I hit a mission with an achievement that needs done, I can dump all of my money into research and mercenaries I wouldnt normally purchase to give myself that extra edge. Once beat, I quit the campaign, load the save before I did that, and beat it on normal and move on along.
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The answer is no. :( Sucks. Wings of Liberty needs a Masters Archive like Heart of the Swarm has.

I recommend creating a save file of your campaign so you can load it if you start a new one and want to go back to the completed campaign.
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