Well I finally got WoL for my birthday a few weeks ago and finally dedicated myself to beat the campaign before HoTS comes out. Well, I didn't do that but I did just finish WoL tonight. I beat the whole campaign on my first try on hard. I wanted to challenge myself and loved the campaign. Now, I want to try and beat the whole campaign on Brutal. I would love to get that sweet Kerrigan portrait! Anyway, my questions are...

1) What are the best tech builds to aim for?

2) While at it, should I aim for every single achievement or just try and beat the mission?

3) What units/buildings should I upgrade to help me overall? (Used medics/marauders/marines/banshees/vikings/battle cruisers/siege tanks the most.)

4) Any good tips or websites I should know about for helpful mission walkthroughs/tech builds/achievements walkthroughs if I'm stuck?

Thanks for all posts and advice!