The Zergling with the broken horn


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I feel like it was dropped from the story too soon.

What do you guys think?
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I agree. I felt that the scene where he creeps up to Kerrigan (representing the choice of using the Zerg swarms power) was very deep and meaningful. I certainly felt he was a better character than Raynor.
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He was also sitting with kerigan when zeratul showed up. And that was the last we saw of him.

But leave Jim alone.

He's fantastic.
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I think he turned into a baneling.
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Aww poor wittle zergwing. He just wanted a wittle wuvin.
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Probably turned to goo by Abathur since its regeneration was clearly broken if its horn/tusk wasn't regenerating. Liked him but that is the way of the swarm.
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He came to help Kerrigan join the Swarm when Jim died. (spoiler)
He showed up to face General Warfield before giving way to Kerrigan on Char.
He was lounging next to Kerrigan when Zeratul showed up.

He'll come up in LotV somewhere, you'll see.
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Zagara ate him
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I got kind of attached to him and was glad when he showed up again in the scene with Zeratul. It felt like Kerrigan had a bit of a human side still left- she had a Zergling pet keeping her company/standing guard.

Was a little confused it didn't jump Zeratul in that fight, but it still made for a good 'aw' character. I hope he/she shows up again in LotV. :D
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It was obviously her would be dog.
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Dehaka probably wanted some more essence....

I too hope he makes a showing in LotV.
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I feel like it was dropped from the story too soon.

What do you guys think?

Indeed. It comforted Kerrigan during her darkest hour. It was present when Warfield died and miraculously Kerrigan chose compassion over vengeance. It was there when Kerrigan confronted Zeratul and chose to face her fate rather then run from it and wallow in self pity and misery. One can't help but wonder if there is more to this humble creature than meets the eye. Could it be the chosen one the prophecy have foretold?

While I exaggerated a bit when I said the above, it definitely adds dimension to Kerrigan's character and I would like to see it in LoV.
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I noticed that most on this board instinctively referred to Tusky as "he."

Dogs have always been associated with masculinity and cats have always been associated with femininity. So if this is Kerrigan's dog, even though zerg have no gender, I have to say that it feels right to say that Tusky is a boy.
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I wouldn't have mind seeing him next to Kerrigan on the Leviathan. They just couldn't place him into any more cinematics without it feeling too excessive.
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That Zergling is likely a reference to Scar. Depending on how zerg reincarnation works, it might even be Scar himself.
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It's essence was taken by De'Haka. That's the reason De'Haka has the same broken fang.
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If it does show up in Lotv, I hope it gets an editor unit as a Devouring one.
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It's a female zergling and she is who the prophecy is about. Not Kerrigan.
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It's a female zergling and she is who the prophecy is about. Not Kerrigan.

That reminds me, I trolled friends with fake spoilers about how the prophecy was really about a pet Zergling named Fifi.

Then I got more creative, and came up with fake spoilers about Kerrigan devolving from Roach to Zergling form for a mission. :P
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They're just setting up for the final scene of LotV where Jim, Kerrigan and Zeratul are wiped out by Amon and at the apex of his victory, Tuskie the Zergling flies through the air and deals the final blow, saving the sector and the universe.
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