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Speed Bump Achievement Bug


Amongst others (Kerrigan Achievements, Kerrigan Level Achievement in Story mode) there is also a bug in the Reckoning mission.

For the Speed Bump Achievement you have to kill the Odin before it is sent against Raynor. This happens around the 22 min mark on hard difficulty. I have killed the Odin on hard three times now at 16 min, but the achievement does NOT unlock.

This is very frustrating since it as actually one of the harder achievements to accomplish and it takes some time and thought to get there.

I killed the Odin with mass Swarm Host with the "teleporting-feature" and a second squad of hydras + Kerrigan. You can take a short cut by dropping Kerriganes primal zerg drop pods directly on the bridge control in the middle. This can be done from your natural on that map. It saves you _4-6 minutes_.

So I started over AGAIN and killed the Odin again with Swarm Hosts. But again: NO achievement. Here are some screenshots of the Odin dying and my achievement list afterwards.
Edited by Finn on 3/21/2013 5:28 PM PDT
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worked for me
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Yes, I'm not saying it doesnt work at all. There are videos on youtube that show how it works. But I did it 3 times now. The Odin dies every time before the 17 min Mark. I did it 2x with swarm hosts and 1x with Roach Hydra, but didnt get the achievement a single time.

There must be others with the same problem. That is why I created the post.
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Just a suggestion, but try the Bug Forums. It might be a "Known Issue" or something just recent that came up.
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I have never heard of this issue. I am about to handle this challenge as it is one of my last ones, if I run into the same issue I will let you know but from what I have read here this is a new one and you should bug report it.
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Yeah just completed it using the bridge technique (great call by the way). You must be bugged.
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Thanks medcsu, glad I could help you.

I just tried it again with Brood Lords and didnt get the achievement again. This was the fourth time. I think I stop trying to get it now :(

Edit: I'll add a savegame just before killing the Odin later, when frustrationg calmed down a little.
Edited by Finn on 3/21/2013 4:01 PM PDT
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Alot of the achievements are currently bugged right now. It differs from person to person. For instance I've seen a few threads where people couldn't get the HotS campaign completed achievement(primal queen portrait), and others who couldn't get Kerrigan 70. Personally, I cant get Kerrigan Domination because the ones for crushing grip, kinetic blast, and leaping strike are stuck. I did the achievement you are trying to get already and have it(without the bridge, but I use drop pods all the time and never thought of that, thanks!)
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So I started over AGAIN and killed the Odin again with Swarm Hosts. But again: NO achievement. Here are some screenshots of the Odin dying and my achievement list afterwards.

Any help would be appreciated..

Why hasnt this been beta-tested? It seems there are tons of bugs in the achievements. My Kerrigan levels are stuck, too, and now randomly jumping when I play archive missions. Is anybody working on fixing this?
Edited by Finn on 3/21/2013 5:22 PM PDT
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Kerrigan levels are known glitch, as are the ones where you inflict damage or kills with the spells. However, yours in particular is puzzling. Sure you're doing it on the correct difficulty?
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I killed him with banelings and got it.

you're sure that the difficulty is on Hard?
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Dammit. I'm not able to get this one either ><. Just hit it around 19 minutes, and no dice. Brood Lords, Ultras, Mutas, etc. Wonder what the issue is, it is the only campaign achievement I don't have; have done 15 of the mastery ones today .. good times. Achievements on SEA server ... at for what it's worth.
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Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, I played it on right difficulty. At first I though I had brutal selected, but it wasnt. I then replayed the mission a couple of times, finishing the Odin usually around 16 min mark with different strategies (roach/hydra, 2x swarm hosts, brood lords). However, I did never get the achievement.

(Kerrigan levels are a problem for me too. Someone posted it would help to replay the entire campaign, which I started. But half-way through the Kerrigan level just jumped back to 1 again, which made me stop. These achievement bugs are really annoying. I feel reminded playing Barbarian in Diablo 3 with invulnerable wizards again.)
Edited by Finn on 3/25/2013 6:02 AM PDT
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I'm in the same situation with Finn. I've annihilated Odin near the forth mineral and I prevented engagement between Odin and its escorts with any Raynor Raiders units. Nothing happened to my achievements board.

There are also other awful bugs in achievement system. Like leaping strike, it stucked at 12K+ after the Supreme mission, never increased even I used the skill a lot in subsequence mission. I finally got this achievement by replay the Supreme while keeping hit he botton Q through out the mission. I made the Smoaking Corpses and Get a Grip in mission Domination by same pattern.

All above even not the most strange I've met. As I mentioned I replayed the Supreme to get Leaping Strike achievement, after I got it I quited the mission with out finished it. Two days later I was confused for Kerrigan only reach Lv.66 cause I got every additional bouns in every mission. I checked the archival one by one than finded it was 0 for 4 for the Supreme mission! What's the hell! The level you've made could lost! Did my neibourhoods buy Xel' Naga artifacts?
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I am having the exact same issue.

I posted on the bug forum a few minutes ago. Maybe, perhaps, it's my spawn ability chosen on kerrigan? I actually saw the achievement pop-up the first time I did it, but it wasn't on my achievements after the game ended.

I might try the baneling kill and see if that works.
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Nope. Using all banellings did not unlock the achievement.
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