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LotV Predictions

You play as Zeratul.
The brood mother on the protoss ship will colonize somewhere and have a massive swarm, becoming a deadly enemy to all protoss.
These are obvious and will make for a great campaign.
Ending: Kerrigan sacrifices herself during the final battle, and zigara takes over the swarm.

While I would really hate seeing good kerrigan die, this is the best way to end the threat and keep the franchise alive for a possible starcraft 4, or additional expansions. It would leave room for conflict, Zigara is not kerrigan and will not desire peace when this is all said and done. Kerrigan still has her human memories and emotions and is completely different from the old queen of blades. Diplomacy and lasting peace between the races is not only possible, it is likely. It would be easier to have herdie to keep conflict around, not to mention an tear jerker ending to LotV. Looking forward to LotV already, can't get here soon enough :D
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Re-posted from the LotV Speculation thread.

Start of Legacy of the Void: Zeratul is just now returning to Shakuras after aiding Kerrigan, and his activities are known to his brethren. They detain him, and place him on trial. He gets accused of collaborating with the zerg to destroy the protoss. Accusations of incompetence leading to Raszagal's death are brought up. Zeratul pleads his case, bringing up his encounter with Tassadar in WoL. Zeratul, in addition to accusations of treason, incompetence, and negligence, now gets accused of madness. Cases are made, courts deliberate. Most of the prosecution, jury, as well as the judges, are Khalai.

Zeratul is found guilty on all counts, and is sentenced to death. Zeratul is taken to a cell where he waits for to die. Tassadun appears to him in a vision, telling him that while he may value the customs and traditions of his brethren, they are wrong, and their foolishness will lead them to the destruction of their own race. Zeratul asks what he should do. Tassadun tells him to fight, to remove any obstacle in his way, in order to save his beloved brethren from themselves. Zeratul resolves to fight his way out of prison, get to a ship, and escape.

In the process of escaping, Zeratul is unexpectedly aided by Nerazim, and a few Khalai. Zeratul asks them why they are helping him. They respond by saying they believe in him, and see the error of the ways of their friends, and resolve to aid Zeratul. Zeratul and Co. manage to escape, and upon their departure, are labeled heretics and traitors. The Khalai judicators begin watching all of the Nerazim for any signs of supporting or sympathizing with Zeratul.

Safely spirited away on their stolen ship, the ones that aided Zeratul inform that many sub-groups exist amongst the Nerazim and Khalai both, each with a different view on Zeratul's trial, and his actions that led up to it. Zeratul and Co., along with periodic manifestations from Tassadun, make a plan to try and earn the backing of some of these factions. As Zeratul earns the loyalty of more and more protoss factions, the Khalai judicators become more and more harsh in their dealings with the Nerazim, and even their Khalai brethren that are suspected of supporting Zeratul.

Over the course of their journey, they discover that this has all happened before. The split, the manifestation of a great protoss legend, and the re-unification of their species. They find that their journey is mirroring that of the first dark templar, and Tassadar is now playing the role of Adun. The connection between these older revolutionaries, and Zeratul's new band, is explored as the game progresses.

These are my hopes and what I think will be likely for Legacy of the Void. I want them to explore the legacy of the first dark templar.

Seriously Chris, there's no copyright symbol here, so I can't cry foul if your story looks similar to mine. Take my idea. I want this to happen. If someone asks, I'll say I never saw any of it coming. Focus on the connection between those that came before, and those that are here now, along with the draconian measures that the Khalai judicators take because they see what Zeratul is doing and are afraid of losing their power.

Downplay the Tal'Darim a bit. Sure, have them show up to oppose Zeratul in a couple missions, that'd be great. Hell, even have them allying in secret with the judicators against Zeratul if you want. Also downplay the whole "recruit people for an army, then throw said army at big bad." If that's the big conceit, your story will suck and I'm not even kidding. Focus on the clash of societies, and the individual vs. the tribe, the one vs. the many. Utilitarian ethics vs. freedom of thought. Those will be your money conflicts in Legacy of the Void.
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Niadra is almost certainly going to be one of the major Zerg opponents in LotV. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I agree that Zagara will probably replace Kerrigan as leader of the Zerg, though Kerrigan's fate remains to be seen. The relationship between Zagara's swarm and the Primal Zerg will be a greatly affect the future.

The Protoss will control Aiur by the game's ending.
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