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Explain to me how a Leviathan space travels


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In Starcraft 1, it is explained that overlords can use their psionic capacity in unison with one another to create a wormhole that the zerg use to cross through space. This is how the zerg traveled to the protoss homeworld. The leviathan likely bears similar genetics that the overlord has, giving it the psychic ability that overlords use to create wormholes as well as propel themselves while in space.
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Massive propulsive flatulence. That's why the broods don't travel in packs.
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Massive propulsive flatulence. That's why the broods don't travel in packs.

Seriously, this.

Since it doesn't flatten cities with thermal thrust, it must use SPACE MAGIC or some means other than rocketry to take off and land. The unit design is kind of wonky and bulbous, which suggests that there's a lot of gas inside, but not nearly enough to have buoyancy (seriously, have you ever seen a blimp? The gas bag is tremendously large, but the load is about the size of a city bus. Unless Vespene is lighter than Hydrogen, that's not a possibility), it must get its thrust from forcing gas away from itself at high speeds. Same principle as a rocket, but using gigantic muscles instead of explosions.

Even so, this is pretty unlikely, so SPACE MAGIC it is.
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Anit-gravity has been experimented on for the last 100yrs however the technology back then was know were near close and neither is it now. But all the theories in simpliest form usually have to with magnetism. A major theory for how an anti gravity engine would work would be similar to how little self-powered flash lights work now with a metal coil or type of metal in the middle of the engine and a different reactive metal rapidly spinning around the outside of the inner metal and this would generate a field around the ship. This is exactly how our earth generates the shield that protects us from ion radiation from the sun except its a solid iron core with a rapidly spinning outer shell made of liquid iron. But like i said this is in know were near proven but magnetism does is proving to provide alot of unique propulsion ideas. However like i stated earlier a leviathan staying aloft in atmoshpere could come down to something as simple as just being a giant gassy blimp. Remember our atmoshere works just floating a ship in the ocean less dense object rise to the top and displacement works slightly to. Then as for the burning up theory remember friction is caused from matter slider against one another. The energy (heat) released from the friction is partly determined by the velocity at which those objects our moving. So no matter the size of the object if it slowly descends the energy release would decrease. Then moving in space size is irrelevant theres no friction or gravity unlees you are near enough to another object. So very little energy is required to move anything. In my theory the leviathan uses a combination some sort of anti-gravity, psionics, and flotation. Although were it gets the energy to use these psychic abilitie or were any of the zerg or humans for that matter get the need caloric or energy needed is beyond me. I mean protoss get it from their crystals which act like huge generators to supply their psychic abilities with energy other wise they just wouldn't have the body mass/ metabolism required. But at the end of the day worrying about how the leviathan flies and accepting a race of zenomorphs that have living buildings that produce other living creatures that our psychically contralled accross the whole galaxy by one supreme creature. Secondly why does the zerg need minerals and vespene gas to make living creatures that our made from amino acids. Its a damn fun game and if you start thinking about to much like i CLEARLY do you can 1. cause a head ache and 2. ruin the game. So do what i do when something sticks out in the game and doesn't make sense think of something to explain it, that makes sense to you, and stick with it basically make up your own lore.
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Battlecruiser: Greeting, Carrier!
Carrier: Greeting, Battlecruiser!
Battlecruiser: Ever wonder how that gigantic Zerg flyer, Leviathan space travel?
Carrier: Uhh...
Battlecruiser: I know I didn't do well in college physic and stuffs but how is that Leviathan move into atmosphere?
*both look at Leviathan who is chilling above one of Terran cities*
Leviathan: What? We're in science fiction, I ain't got to explain this.
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but the load is about the size of a city bus

Quite a bit more than that. Leviathans carry entire broods.

The SC1 manual notes that they were a void-faring species prior to their assimilation into the Swarm, so I assume their time planetside is limited.
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How does the Leviathan travel through space?

There are organisms called "tardigrades that survive by sucking moisture off moss, the impressive thing? You can blast them with radiation, throw them into space, and then recollect them, and they will regenerate back to full health.

Evolution. Nuff said.

I imagine some form of afterburner machinery corrupted with zerg skin and able to operate. How does it seemingly go inside atmospheres without heating up? It seems to me that it acts just like a blimp, as is to how the overlords fly.

There's also a insect that creates it's own form of napalm that it is immune too, again The evolution argument. as for acceleration with solar power we can almost hit the speed of light.

Now imagine that your eyes, are so good you could see atoms.. And that you could physically move or split them. There you go.

Kerrigan flying at the end?

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Entering any atmosphere.
A bio probe is launched into the atmosphere various information is gathered by the Leviathan. Using this knowledge the Leviathan formulates a biological defense to enter the atmosphere. For example if the Leviathan is entering a planet such as earth it would evolve it's outer skin with ablative armor scales similar to the space shuttle. It would also excrete a highly efficient heat resistant gel constantly.

Flying in any atmosphere.
Once a Leviathan has entered any planetoids atmosphere it has most likely already sent in bio probes. With this knowledge the Leviathan can simply choose the most efficient form of motion. A planet may be entirely covered with water, the Leviathan is air tight, evolves it outer skin similar to fish, it absorbs chemicals and bio matter from the water and transforms it into fuel, it can be anything steam, air pressure, heat, etc.. It then vents the fuel through pours and such it evolved. It may fly like a blimp, it may create acid that when exposed to the atmosphere combusts, etc.

Space Travel.
Nydus Worm Holes, Using psychic energy the Leviathan creates a worm hole and bends space, it can move itself or send other bio matter almost anywhere, although range is limited, size is not. Entire swarms can be rapidly moved from one place to another. We see this in the heart of swarm campaign where one queen far away in another part of space sends her brood to fight for the Queen of Blades.
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a wizard did it.
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Well depends on what kind of planet some planets don't have thick atmosphere. Example Mars, Pluto etc.

Some planet are simply make out of gas like Jupiter Saturn,Uranus if i am not wrong

And not all planets are earth-like planets

Thats y terrans have sort of space suits =$

some planets don't even have atmosphere. As atmosphere run-off
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I read a book where the ships use a magnetic field around them so they will stay still as the space around them move, but the leviathans could also use gas or some kind of space disrupter to dissipate the "god particles" in front to create a suction to propel, but for the most part, don't think about it. Its just a game and they don't need realism to make it sell.
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How does the Leviathan travel through space?
Kerrigan flying at the end?

Telekinesis. Duh.
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Well the animation of the leviathan is wiggling a lot who's to say the tendrils on the side aren't like oars as for Warping the swarm is (mostly) telepathic so whos to say a massive telepathic Signature couldn't create a portal or Warp bubble? as for Reentry perhaps its got vents underneath to absorb the heat which would make sense that this Biological Dreadnaught would need some sort of method of turning extreme heat or cold into energy to fuel its massive telepathic body after all that thing would have to eat small planets or moons to maintain its massive size otherwise

as for Kerrigan a Class 11 psionic cant levitate herself?
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This is a universe where there are creatures 2x the size of a tank that come from a tiny larva. Are you realy going to try to apply logic to it?
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Most Protoss ships move by using gravitic drives which are sort of like technological void powers, so a dark templar would theoretically be able to recreate the effect naturally. The Overmind had some void powers, so perhaps leviathans do too.
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let me tell you how its done on zerus these weird manta creatures were drawn to the overmind psionic power and there essence stolen and from those came leviathans brood lords evolved from another species
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08/03/2014 11:27 PMPosted by leviathan
let me tell you how its done on zerus these weird manta creatures were drawn to the overmind psionic power and there essence stolen and from those came leviathans brood lords evolved from another species

Cool, that's how they got the ships and essence to survive space... now how do they reach FTL.
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Leviathan flight. Complicated.

Uses psionics. Manipulation of essence.

Too complex for human minds. Will likely cause overload in human organism's neocortex. Cause massive compulsion in frontal lobe.

Result: Human organism's mind blown. No longer usable.
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Super Collision Imprakticallien - Fusion Inductors

That's how.
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03/22/2013 01:46 AMPosted by JimRaynor
How does the Leviathan travel through space? I imagine some form of afterburner machinery corrupted with zerg skin and able to operate. How does it seemingly go inside atmospheres without heating up? It seems to me that it acts just like a blimp, as is to how the overlords fly.

Kerrigan flying at the end? That Raynor must have been high or he didn't see the Viper pulling her up :P These are just my opinions and I think having some realism to it would make it more appealing, just my thinking...

I know overlords are like blimps but heck if there isn't any realism, we might as well have lemons fighting oranges :P

Magic, of course. Starcraft isn't a science fiction game.
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