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Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIV

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{All students, all students, report to the Hanger. Repeat, all students, report to the Hanger.} The intercom announces, then turns off.

I look up from the cockpit of my Viking, and get out. I seal the cockpit, and walk over to the waiting Gunships.

I arrive at the Hanger just as the announcement came. I walk over toward the Gunships, and wait to be told what team I was assigned to.
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"The thing about the Zerg which not many people know about is that they are incredibly intelligent and clever... using our own tactics against us at times and tricking us into thinking we are winning or we have the advantage." Diethelm says, respecting what Cayl is saying. "Personally... I hate Zerg, every single last one of them... Lived through Tarsonis and the Great War..."
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IC: "I don't really know if im classified as a student yet. I just got here."
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A Lancer directs Kelly to gunship two and Omicron to gunship one.

I shrug, making sure everyone loaded up, then call out to the students standing around. "Come on, let's go. If you aren't directed to gunship one or two, board five. You will be held in reserve to help hold LZs in the event that the psi emitter isn't enough to attract ALL the Zerg." I return my attention to Diethelm. "Try having them turn one of your best friends home planet into a living monster. Then watch your people have to destroy it to survive. Not something I want to relive."
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I fly over to the hangar and board gunship #1, greeting the students already aboard as I get in.

edit: Meant to say gunship #1.
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Wait when you said all students even the ones not listed to go on the mission.

Destron: "I agree with Diethelm, even controlled Zerg are intelligent though not in the way Terrans think of intelligent." I say.
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Shear walks over to the gunships, sinks into a corner of gunship 1, and pulls out his pistol.
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Read the edit, Mecha.

IC: "I'm aware of the Zerg's talent, cyborg, now load your @ss on gunship one."
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IC: Sam sits in gunship 1 waiting for it to take off. He watched as the dark templar entered the ship. Sam hung his head down and muttered to himself. "never thought I would miss the dominion, lest us spectre got good intel and orders that made sense" Only people close to him would be able to hear him
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"I'll go board in number 5... Will there be Siege Tanks at the LZ?" Diethelm asks, wanting to know the strategy being involved... He then looks at Destron. "Nosy little bastard... May I kill him if he become a... nuisance?" He asks once more. "And I know loss... We lost Tarsonis but you actually having an infested planet... That must have been... horrible. Promising that you'll protect them but you can't... They die."

Dante and I made it to the hanger, I arrived where Cayl was and gave him the charges. "Here you go... which one am I taking?"
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IC: "i'll see you after the mission" i say to Cynthia before walking to gunship 1
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Holding Terance's kiss a little longer, I look him levelly in the eyes;
"Make it out alive punk."
I say with a grin and trot off to the second gunship.

Hearing the roll call, I bounce to my feet and quickly make my way the the first gunship.
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"No killing the students, Diethelm, and I've arranged one better. Lorian Siege Breakers for support." Turning to Cynthia, I smile. "Gunship four. You and Dhiram will be dropped at your LZ shortly after Terance is at his. DO NOT miss a beat, or you'll be in a lot of trouble."
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Destron: "Technically I do not have an !@# Terran and how have I been nosy to you?????" I say as I slither into the ship.

Jen: I walk to the hanger, still holding my sore nose and I walk into gunship 5.
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I load up in Gunship one, and take a seat, strapping myself in.

I board Gunship two, sitting awkwardly in the seat as I strap in.
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Diethelm watches Destron slither away. "Fine... I wont kill him... Yet... He's annoying though that's for sure. And I don't care about your fancy Siege Tanks... Siege Tanks are Siege Tanks... As long as we have artillery I don't care."

I gave a nod, "Yes... We'll get in trouble once the Protoss spot us or if they notice something so we can sneak through..." Looking back at Dhiram at number 4. "Where will Dhiram be at once I'm inside?"
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Sahlk stomped up and into the second gunship, the Zerglings that followed him broke off and went back to the Hive. Sahlk walked as far as he could into the gunship before turning around and sitting.

Zerak Kel has his cannon hang loosely by his side as he enters the Terran gunship. He sat far from the Zerg deep in.

Korzis runs up to Cayl. "So, which drop ship am I going to? Three?"
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IC: i enter gunship one, giving a nod to Sam as i sit down at the back of the vehicle
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"We're inserting you danger close to the Tal'Darim base. Fortunately, there's a storm rolling in, so they won't see you. Use that to your advantage. He'll be on a cliff over looking where you'll be entering and exiting." I shake my head at Kozis. "You and Greggor will be on Gunship six."
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IC: Sam looks over to Dante. With his mask on and visor down he asks. "So what is our mission just to get the zerg to focus on us or are we being sent to kill the brood mother?"
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