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Hey folks,
I'm looking to get into StarCraft 2 editing and I am asking the knowledgeable members of the community for help. I figured on imagining my own unit and seeing if the community here could help me create it. In the process, it might be a helpful tutorial for other players looking to make their own creations.
I am completely lost when it comes to making your own creations in StarCraft 2's editor. I have watched some YouTube tutorials and am pretty lost still. I thought it might be helpful to post the unit I'm trying to create and see if everyone may be able to help me (and possibly any others looking at this) on how to create custom units, and their dependencies.
My goals here are to find out:
1) How to create a custom unit;
2) How to create a modification to a Starport to build this unit;
3) How to create and link a weapon system to this unit;
4) How to add this to a single player/multiplayer map and easily copy it to a new map.

What I have imagined is a Protoss Frigate. A bridge between a Carrier and a Void ray or Tempest. It would be relatively fast and mobile, be heavy hitting with a photon cannon style center weapon (firing out of it's 'nose') and be able to create up to two interceptors. I know this is a lot to ask for, but I thought it might be better to start off with something more challenging. If the community would not mind helping me with this, It would be very, very much appreciated! Below are the stats I imagined. And for now, I'm not worried that much about balance; more a work in how to actually do this. Thank you all for your help.
Please note, I'm not sure if this unit actor is from HotS only or WoL as well.

Unit Name: Frigate
Race: Protoss
Built from: Starport
Requires: Starport & Fleet Beacon
Unit Actor: Protoss Frigate (Seen as Shuttle)
Weapon Actor: Photon Cannon
Special Ability: Build Interceptor (2 max, starts with none)
Supply: 4
Mineral Cost: 300
Vespene Gas Cost: 200
Build Time: 80
Armor: 1
Health: 200
Shields: 100
Attributes: L (Large) M (Mechanical)
Ground Attack: 18
Air Attack: 18
Ground DPS: 14.4
Air DPS: 14.4
Attack Cooldown: 1.25
Speed: 2.00
Range: 7
Sight: 10
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I'll see if I can tackle this. Don't know if I can, but I'll see what I can do, and post what I was able to do up here.

edit: Do you happen to know if the model/actor is already in the game files? What's it called?

For everything else I'll probably just have it look like a tempest or something


Okay, well the quickest way to create a unit is, when you're in the data editor, you select the unit you want to base it off of, and then right click it, and hit duplicate. You then get a little box that has other boxes you can check mark. Anything you checkmark will be duplicated. Thing's you'll want duplicated:

To be safe: All actors, models, effects, sounds, weapon, models, units should be checked.

Tada! Unit duplicated. It'll now be named: [name of base unit] Copy.
When you hit the main unit (on the tree list below on the left side, will be the very top thing. Will have icon and be named [base of unit] Copy), a bunch of information will pop up on the right side. From there you can edit the Speed, life, shields, armor, movement, sight radius, and such to what you want.

To make it be a large and mechanical unit, you'll want to find the attributes and double click that. Then you'll get all your options. Uncheck what you need, and check what you want.

Also I think large is just massive.

On this part you can also change its cost.

Now for it's weapons, you'll want to head back to the right and (in the tree of all the copies) go down to it's weapon. There you can set it's speed (period = speed. a period of 1.000 is the same as 1 sec) and damage you want.

But now you need to go to weapon effect. The way the weapons work is something like:
Weapon-weapon missile/launch-damage.

Under effects (again on the right) pick weapon missile launch or whatever it's called (something like that). This'll only be there if the unit you copied fired a missile to start with, so keep that in mind. Otherwise go to now effect: weapon damage and there you can edit the damage amount, the amount of damage that's reduced per point of armor, and if it deals extra/less against certain types.

For the model (so it changes how you see what's fired) you'll need to change the... that's right, the weapon model! You'll want the weapon model and the weapon damage impact to get changed. When you click it change the Art:model field (in the data on the left) and pick the photon cannon equivalents. You're unit's weapon's missile should now look like a photon cannon missile and impact.

For the sound, I'm not to sure. That's why I said copy all the sound ones too. Change the actor's sound or the actual sounds in the sounds section to the photon cannon sounds. Mess around with that, something should work!

For the creating to interceptors, you'll have to follow some of the same steps. You'll want to duplicate the current interceptor ability and the stuff that makes it work (probably button, effects, yada yada) and then edit it so only 2 come out. Shouldn't be too difficult.

Then after all of that's done you'll have to go back to the unit, add the ability into it's abilities, and then add it to it's command card.

The unit should now have the attack look and sound of a photon cannon, can fire interceptors, and has the stats you wanted. What's left? Renaming anything you want renamed.

For the model, you edit the actors/model fields to match what you want it to look like. Although be careful, because there's a lot there. I'm not to sure on how to do all that, but when you duplicated it from the unit you want to look like (if it's already a unit model) should work safely.

Now for the building bit...
I haven't done this yet, but my guess would to be start with duplicated a build unit ability. Then link it to your new unit. If my guess is correct, from their you can edit it's build time and cost, in that ability. (make sure this ability has a button too). Then modify the starport's build units command card to include this ability (might have to add the ability to the starport as well). That might work.

Can't say I know anything about copy/pasting it into other maps.

Hope some of this helps! Best of luck. I'll keep tinkering around with this and see if I can continue to get anything done.
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On youtube there are a few video tuts on how to make custom units and buttons (which can be used in the starport in this case)
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