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Couple questions

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How to I make game modes selectable in the game info screen? The guide in the archive is outdated.

How do I make extra races selectable?

Is there any way to recreate the waygates in WC3? Including having units automatically use them when convenient?
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I don't know much, but I'll try to help. I know a lot of things on this board go unanswered...

For the way gates, I would say maybe something like...
Set a region on waygate 1 (entrance). Name whatever you want, but for the purpose of explaining I'll call it [reg1a]. Then place a region on way gate 2 (which I'll name [reg2a]).

Have a trigger ran so that if a unit enters [reg1a] then said unit is moved instantly (trigger action is unit: move unit instantly) to [reg2a].

And tada! Now if a unit enters the first region, they'll get teleported to 2 the second region. Just place whatever building model you want practically right on top of said region (maybe covering half, this way the units are at least close to it when the go in/out).

You could probably attach another trigger action so that when a unit enters each region, the wap-in effect (like when you warp in zealots from a warpgate) on the unit. Also another trigger action to create the sound, if you want.

That's for one-way. If you want 2 way, my suggestion would be to make copy of everything above, but apply it to a second set of regions. Then position them so that they're on the waygate building model, but not overlapping. You'll end up having like an 'entrance' side and an 'exit' side. So...
my attempt at a diagram:

To make it 'better' would be to use a doodad or a building that allows units to walk over/through the model. Then you can position the regions so that the unit walks 'into' it and comes out of the other one.

Maybe also put in a trigger action so that a map ping happens at the other waygate, where units pop out?

This would be what I would do to try making an automatic waygate. Keep in mind there might be a better way to do this, but this would be what I would try, using what knowledge I do have of the editor.

Hope it helps!
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