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05/04/2013 12:30 PMPosted by Inprea
I also remember Jim noting that the Queen of Blade's is simply Kerrigan with less self control.

This is my point. After the infestation, and after so many years of being used by others, Kerrigan's rage just spiraled out of control.

But she was never able to do anything to Raynor because he never once used her for his own gains, which was why (according to the book the Dark Templar Saga Part 2 Shadow Hunters), even by the time of WoL, every time she thought of Raynor, she could still feel regret.
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05/04/2013 12:30 PMPosted by Inprea
That's a good point but there is a counter to it. In Queen of Blade's Jim clearly sees that Kerrigan can ignore and even manipulate the Overmind. She does so whenever she convinces the Overmind to let her stay on Char and hunt down the protoss. I forget the exact line but it effectively said Kerrigan had gotten exactly what she wanted while appearing to be a loyal servant.

Bah, I need to read QoB and Flashpoint so I can stop getting blindsided by this kind of info. :)

Plus we see in the book Flashpoint that Kerrigan already told Jim that there was something dark and monstrous in her ever before she was turned into the Queen of Blades.

Don't you believe that Jim would have realized that this is the beast she was talking about and it was always within her?

I have no doubt some of the blame for the monster can be put on the Overmind and Amon's influence now but really how much of that was their doing? I also remember Jim noting that the Queen of Blade's is simply Kerrigan with less self control. Rather then a drastic alteration don't you think it's possible all the Overmind or Amon's influence did was take Kerrigan's self control and turn it back just a little so that the beast the confederacy created could run free?

With that in mind do you really believe saying she was bound to the Overmind could truly serve as an excuse for her actions?

I have a strong opinion about this. I believe that without self control, anybody can become a monster. Most of us have self control because we were taught it. We know love because we are given it. We aren't born as evil creatures. If we become "evil" it is due to our circumstances, our biology, and our choices all interacting with one another and constantly reinventing themselves. It is progressive. The experiences of our lives leave an imprint on us.

We all get dark impulses from time to time. Our morals, convictions, and ethics subtly stop us from entertaining those impulses, and its so quick and effortless that we forget that they are there. But what happens if we lose those qualities? We would slowly progress into a very dark state of being by making worse and worse choices, constantly reinventing our selves into a darker and darker standpoint. Removing our subtle capability to rebuff ourselves is a drastic alteration, and that is what the Overmind did to Kerrigan. Her dark impulses were simply more extreme than most. Because of this, she lost a capacity of choice when she became the Queen of Blades. She lost the ability to choose not to indulge herself. Without that full capacity of choice, it was never truly all of her there. From that standpoint, what the Overmind did to her was an excuse for her actions.

I don't know really just how much influence the Overmind had over her aside from what is mentioned in the game. Biologically, a Cerebrate is incapable of disobeying the Overmind, and the Overmind declared that Kerrigan was bound to it like any Cerebrate. Regardless, the mental link between Kerrigan and Raynor was (I assume) broken by the time the Overmind was killed. I think it is safe to assume that Raynor hoped that Kerrigan had her powers of ethical and moral choice back during the Brood War.
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I think it is safe to assume that Raynor hoped that Kerrigan had her powers of ethical and moral choice back during the Brood War.

Yeah but that backfired on him when Fenix was killed.

But I believe at least a very small measure of Raynor DID believe, that during the prison break scene, Kerrigan was different this time around.
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