What are your favorite tournament memories?

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We know that many of you are passionate about StarCraft II eSports, and quite a few of you have had the chance to attend a tournament in person over the past couple of years. In this thread, we’d love to hear your thoughts on why you think going to a live event is awesome – and feel free to share some of your favorite StarCraft II tournament memories whether you were a spectator, or even a player.

If you haven’t had the chance to actually go to an event, but still watch broadcasts from home, tell us what you most look forward to when a tournament weekend is underway.
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I've only seen a couple tournaments on Twitch TV, but I have to say the best part is watching the battles go by. When two armies clash, each microing to the best of their ability, that's what makes the tournaments awesome.
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I would love to see some new players in the finals brackets. But that's a matter of Foreigners learning to play the game better ;)
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Definitely the games played by the professionals. More...more of that.

And I didn't really like that bearded guy's weird forecast of the match right after it happened. I'd rather have Day9 or Husky (and of the announcers with gumption) to cover it.
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Seeing the the winner of the tournament crying with joy or in shock that they won. That's the best part!
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I've only seen a couple tournaments on Twitch TV, but I have to say the best part is watching the battles go by. When two armies clash, each microing to the best of their ability, that's what makes the tournaments awesome.

Ah, yes, isn't it awesome when the pros show us all how to make an army truly sing? Hmm... Now I feel like there should be a /sing command to go with /dance =)

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I would love to see some new players in the finals brackets.

For sure! There are some players out there who are very consistent in reaching the top 16 of a tournament, and that's always fun to watch. But nothing quite compares to the excitement of watching a new name and face tear through a bracket.

Definitely the games played by the professionals. More...more of that.

More! We must have more! Totally agree :D
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Watching two old school major players play. Something like MVP vs MC. Or Jaedong vs Flash. With of course Total Biscuit casting!
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Oh man. Oh for me.
First time I saw Stephano's sub 12 min max roach build.
Boxer vs Rain
IDRA dropping out of game
Stephano Dancing after winning MLG
Her0 when he finally won Dreamhack. gets me teary eyed thinking of it.
Life vs DRG. Yes yes yes who can possibly say a ZvZ as one of all time bests.. BUT that Iqon Squid event... THE WAY LIFE CAME BACK!!

Best LIVE event... Hmm for me has to be MLG Anaheim and seeing those KeSPA players walk out on stage... Man such Nerdchills. It was like the same feeling as seeing a Laker Championship Banner get raised lol

I'm a huge sports fan and competitor, I always have been. If you told me 3 years ago I would be watching pro SC 2 the extent I do now I would never bilieve it. I've been a Starcraft player since 2 weeks after release old Starcraft 1.... 14 years? Been watching since BW, but only saw random major games ( bad internet then for downloading vids). I hope literally THE SPORT of Starcraft never stops. My Lakers, Kings, and Dodgers all have taken a second seat to GSL, IPL's, MLGS's, DH's, SPL. And never thought that would occur. Lets hope for another couple great years of tourneys in HoTs.

To *MODS/ ADMIN*. I Hope so much this gets addressed. I'm curious, I live in LA greater area close to Blizzard. Will there be any Openings in upcoming future for the possible Blizzard Esports dept, with all these new rumors and all?? If so.. I would be extremely interested, and will totally work for free 12 hour days cleaning Blizzards bathrooms if needed at beg to get foot in door :D E-sports has become such a passion, willng to give up my career right now to get a shot in that industry. Talk about a dream job! :D
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Probably the most recent finals.

Those... Those lings just wouldn't die!
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I like seeing the new strategies emerge with the expansion. The last MLG happened during finals week but, you know what, it was too good to miss so I said to hell with studying and watched a lot of it anyway :D
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This is a pretty long story but I'll go ahead and share it. One day I was playing some 1v1 custom games (over a year ago, February 2012), when someone named REQtheognis joined into the lobby.

Some of you may know him now as ROOTtheognis from ROOT Gaming. Much to my surprise, he did not immediately leave the game lobby as most high level players would do. I was in low Gold league at the time and didn't prove to be any challenge to him.

He was very friendly and talked to me for a couple hours. He said that he was setting up his stream, and after that he was going to start preparing for an upcoming tournament called MLG Columbus.

"Wait, Columbus Ohio?"
"Yeah, have you ever been to an MLG before? You should go man, it's a blast"

Out of sheer excitement, I went online and immediately bought a ticket to the event. At the time I had barely gotten my driver's license and didn't have any place down there to stay lol. Columbus is about a 3 hour drive from where I live, so my parents weren’t too happy when I broke the news.

Thankfully, one of my friends (the one who introduced me to SC2) said that he would buy a ticket and go with me. Neither of us had been to an MLG before, and it was quite an adventure. We went in there expecting 100 or 200 people, but there were at least 2,000-3,000 people in that convention center. We had no idea that the professional gaming scene was so large.

Before the “main event” begins, there are literally hundreds of computer monitors with pro gamers and teams playing 1v1 ladder games for warm-up. You can freely walk around and watch many different players, kindof like a zoo (not to compare them to animals lol). It was very interesting to see the various playstyles and build orders that they were using.

The main event was amazing. If you have ever been to a live sports game or a music concert, then you know what it feels like to be around thousands of people cheering. The energy and excitement surrounding you is something you have to experience, and something you can’t get out of watching a VOD. It’s like the difference between listening to an MP3 player and standing in front of the guitarist.

I had the chance to meet Stephano, LiquidJinro, Grubby, and many other high level pros in person, and they were all friendly down-to-earth people. There was not a single person who was standoff-ish or rude. Some of them were even giving advice to players asking for tips.

The games were extremely competitive and drew out many standing ovations. My favorite was a TvP game on Entombed Valley where MMA rushed out a Nuclear Missile and used it to force the Protoss army into a bad engagement he didn't want to take.

TL;DR: Do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to a live SC2 event, you won’t regret it.
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Any tournament this long weekends?
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I stay up to watch GSL almost every night, and haven't missed one tournament since WoL came out. (As many games as I can from every GSL, MLG, Dreamhack, NASL, IEM, IPL, etc.)
I have yet to go to an event as I live in MN. Almost all events are far away and too expensive for me. Hopefully someday soon I will change that. :D

I look forward to seeing some epic back-and-forth games. There is nothing like watching a pro use a crazy new strategy we may not have seen much of yet on a big stage, or when it ends up in a crazy end-game where both players are left with a small army, no economy, and have no choice but to nail their micro to get that win.

The suspense is always so beautifully articulated by some of the great casters we have in this community.. the excitement of the crowd can be heard with every interesting decision, clutch save or shocking micro victory.
It is those moments when even the casters are sure one player has the other beat, until they are proven wrong by exceptional decision making that can somehow put them back in the game.

When they get into each others heads.. like when trying to force the other player into a build they can counter.. is when Starcraft becomes like Chess. I mostly look forward to the mind-games. :D
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I enjoy watching the tournaments online, but I have to say that I actually very much enjoy watching the pros stream. Some of them are really good at interacting with their viewers and being really entertaining, like doing the most bizarre builds JUST because someone asked them to in the stream chat. That "down to earth" kind of play and interaction with the best of the best has to be my favorite.
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Haven't had Starcraft II for long, but always watched HuskyStarcraft while i was saving up money for WoL, but my first tournament that I watched was IPL4, and watched every tournament thereafter. I would have to say that MLG Dallas was my favorite because it was something I've never really seen in WoL before, or I was too nooby to see it, and MLG Dallas was just a bit more obvious. I loved how the games swung in favor of each player in almost every game, I love it's so much easier to get back in a game you fell behind, at the same time raising that skill ceiling, I don't know if it's sign of good balance, or the lack of a meta game, however, I'm hoping that every HotS tournament is like Dallas!
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I love it when great games are delayed or lost or lag spikes hit and ruin micro opportunities and then people ask for LAN...

But you'll probably ignore me, just like you ignore them and technology that can make live events better...
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I've been watching MLG for the last 6 years or so. I started watching Halo 3 when it became popular. I finally got to go to my first MLG event (tournament event in general) for the Winter Championship in Dallas.

I must say it was so much better than expected. I've only been following and playing Starcraft for about a year. I bought SC2 during MLG Anaheim last year, so whenever that was. It was the first event that Halo wasn't on the circuit. I was actually really pissed that Starcraft had basically taken over what was not only the flahship game of MLG but also its creator. Little did I know that the game I took the chance on and watching would become one of the biggest things in my life.

I would like to attend future events, MLG and others. I'd like to make it to a Dreamhack someday becaues those are always so awesome to watch.

As for the event I attended recently. It was incredible. The roar of the crowds all over the convention center gave a constant air of excitement no matter what was going on. I was able to meet and get autographs of not only the big name players such as Huk, Thorzain, Ret, Taeja, Bomber, InControl and such, I also had the opportunity to get the autographs of the Kespa legends Flash, Last, Innovation, CjEntus_Hero, and I can't read the last one :3

It is awesome that streaming allows for these events to be shown live and at a good quality but now I know nothing beats actually sitting in the crowd and screaming when a bunch of Flash's scvs are about to die to two of Life's Banelings. Not to mention the insanity it was to be right behind Bomber as he nuked his own army.

What was awesome is that it was the first HOTS tournament that the players had a chance to play the actual released version of the game. That mixed with awesome casters like Day9, Husky, DjWheat, TotalBuiscit, and Incontrol gave the lopsided games even more excitement. One of the best parts was staying up until 1:30 to watch Life vs Polt as is was the first of the entire tournament that went to game 5. I'm sad to say that we didn't watch the last game, for some dumb reason we left after it tied again -.-

But the best part of those games was game 4 where Polt decided to get battlecruisers and the entire crowd, including Day9 and Husky did the Fusion Core dance. That alone probably could have made the entire weekend.

Everything seemed to run extremely smoothly, except for the few times the computer would crash on MC. THANK YOU BLIZZARD FOR RESUME FROM REPLAY!!! That junk saves everyone.

All in all I WILL be going back to live events. If you haven't been to one.. dude, what are you doing??
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I'm always watching for players to do something completely crazy and outside the box. Those are the most interesting cases to watch, they contrast so strongly with the usual 20 minute macro game that it helps break any monotony. Gives me hope for the games future.
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Probably competing in live events, going to open the open bracket barely losing to pros. winning smaller lans.... Most two memorable moments getting booed proxy gating EGAxslav in 2010... and at MLG raleigh 2012 having Vibe say he thought he lost that, in an extremely close game.

But sadly that all seems gone with HOTS... MLG no longer an open tournament, with IPL6 IPL died... hopefully there is some NA tournament that comes back to NA, as the NA esports scene feels quite dead with 0 live major tournaments to compete in... Maybe blizz will step up? But as far as MLG reasoning goes, it was blizzards suggestion to not have anything open anymore =/
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I love it when great games are delayed or lost or lag spikes hit and ruin micro opportunities and then people ask for LAN...

But you'll probably ignore me, just like you ignore them and technology that can make live events better...
It's always cute when people complain about lack of LAN.
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