My issue with WCS is that it seems too slow for the tempo of SC2 esports. Usually we've had many GSLs per year, many times a race was going up and down in power; players came to be dominant only to be replaced in a couple of months. This is the real pace of SC2 - it's freaking fast! You miss 2 months of esports, you come to a completely new world, almost.

Now, WCS comes in and tries to put this whole thing on a solid annual basis. One World Champion per year. That's all cool and dandy in general, but I feel like it doesn't fit with SC2 esports that well.

Looking back at how things were changing massively throughout a year, think what will actually happen in WCS: people will be dominant in different parts of the year and will earn respectable WCS points. So they will show up in the end of the year to the big final. And they will not be relevant at that point anymore. As it has happened so many times - a few months later a great player becomes almost mediocre, to be smashed by the current best players left and right.

So then, what's the point of having such an annual global system instead of the usual GSL system with many championships throughout the year? I feel like the latter was better suited to the speeds at which SC2 is constantly evolving. What do you think about these concerns?