Mythical reference in HoTS characters.

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Having studied quite a few spiritual topics, I noticed something in Heart of the Swarm.
In the Leviathan, the order of your characters' positions and traits, line up with some mystical archetypes. Zegara standing to the left of Kerrigan and Izsha to the right, including Kerrigan in the middle, represent the Three Fates in Greek Mythology - Clotho, Arthropo, and Lachesis.
Also known as the 3 phases of the moon : The Crone(Zegara), The Mother(Kerrigan), and The Maiden(Izsha). Their personalities are also fitting to those descriptions.

On the Left side, is Dehaka, which symbolizes the Left-Hand-Path. He represents Survival of the Fittest. Kill or be killed, somewhat Satanic ancient reptilian nature. On the Right side is Stukov, which represents the Right-Hand-Path. Humans who are enlightened and righteous, "half man, half god" and half monster. And then Abathur is a mad scientist, haha.

What do you think? Discuss. :D
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04/08/2013 12:37 AMPosted by Angelthirst
On the Left side, is Dehaka, which symbolize the Left-Hand-Path.

Heh, and dehaka lost his right hand =D

On the Right side is Stukov, which represents the Right-Hand-Path

Isnt stukov's right hand the infested one?
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Nope, his left arm is the infested one. Amazing concept eh? :D
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I like it, the way that the static tableau on the command deck carries some symbolism. Although, strictly speaking Kerrigan ought to be the crone as she's the one giving out wisdom, and despite being in her late 20s or early 30s is the oldest of the three (I don't know if we can count the terran psionic Izsha was created from as part of her age), and Zagara is literally a (brood) mother, though she speaks like an old lady to be sure.

Don't forget this:

Looks like he's named after a deity that is a creator of life, one who gives instructions, and one who came to sit in judgement of the dead (in other words, weighs their essence to see if it is worthy of joining the world from which he comes.)
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interesting find on Abathur.
What I realized just now is that they actually intertwined the traits of the 3 Fates into those 3 characters. Like Izsha is also the Crone in the way that she is glued to the Leviathan like an old lady to a chair, lol. Zegara is sometimes the maiden because of her naivete, and Kerrigan herself was the maiden before the transformation to the Queen of Blades. >:)
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Angelthirst, Great observations!

Something interesting to consider is how many of these referrences are deliberate, and how many are unconciously seeping out of the collective... !
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And lo, on the 7th day of the 7th month, the Tychus of Findlay was freed from his shackles and decreed "Hell, it's about time!".
- book of Gradius, chapter 4, verse 12, section 7, stanza 3, line 12

04/08/2013 02:01 AMPosted by DaveDroid
Crone(Zegara), the Mother(Kerrigan), and the Maiden(Izsha).

I got this reference. The seven!

Kerrigan is the stranger.

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Oh shut up Gradius. Go write more cheesy made up storylines that smell worse than a trashbin.

Already got my SC2 disks for that. Go back to watching spongebob or whatever it is that passes as high quality entertainment for you.
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^ roflmao.
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