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Amon = Ponce de Leon?

I'm not sure if this was meant to be taken in this light but doesn't Amon appear to be... the "Ponce de Leon" of the Xel'Naga

Like, the Xel'Naga were all worried about creating their .. successors, as eventually even the Xel'Naga die ... so they can combine to recreate the theoretical "Xel'Naga"

Amon is a Xel'Naga trying to avoid death, while at the same time killing his brothers so he can reign supreme (think about it you're not really all powerful if there's a bunch of other Xel'Naga just as powerful as you running around)

Abathur states that the Primal Zerg don't die of Old Age right ? And that Amon envied and wanted their ability to seal essence, thus making him like the Primal Zerg, thus allowing him to live forever, while his Xel'Naga brothers... even though they were long lived, died of old age and Amon hijacked Overmind to kill them off faster. And put the Overmind on a crash course with the Protoss to make sure the "Xel'Naga" could never be recreated to oppose him in his rule.
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All zerg are biologically immortal, not just the primal zerg. They constantly renew themselves.

There are actually several species of aquatic creatures on Earth that exhibit this trait, such as the microscopic tardigrade or "water bear," which can survive incredibly adverse conditions such as extreme heat, water pressure, and radiation, and even live through the vacuum of space. It is said that water bears are like "nature's backup plan," since they could theoretically survive the destruction of the planet. It is even possible that the water bear came to Earth from a different planet. I wonder if the game developers based the zerg on these creatures.
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All zerg are biologically immortal, not just the primal zerg. They constantly renew themselves.

... This is a pointless statement.... When Amon and the Xel'Naga went to Zerus the ones that existed were the Primal Zerg...................
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He is a "Fallen Xelnaga" so we dont know if he was the bad batch in the bunch.

The whole fallen thing might be referencing Lucifer the fallen Angle. Now angels are good but he aint good. Same could apply to Amon and the Xelnaga. Wouldnt surprise me if we team up with another xelnaga in Lotv to defeat his "fallen" brethren.

And kerrigan is referred to as an "Avenging Angel" repeatedly in the book Flashpoint. And she flies like an angel.


You're taking this in the literal "God" sense....... I hate to break it to you the Xel'Naga aren't Gods ... this is evident by their death.... to the Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss... they are Gods because of their super-advanced technology. If they're simply another race they must have fear. Amon feared death, feared not having power, and lusted after it, why else would he be interested in a species that theoretically never dies? And would corrupt them for his own personal reasons. Putting the Zerg on a crash course with the Protoss was simply his plan to make sure he could rule the universe he was reborn in by sabotaging any chance of the "New Xel'Naga" opposing him.
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This is a pointless statement

Disagree. You implied that the biological immortality of the Primal zerg is caused by their ability to gather essence. Therefore, I feel that it was quite appropriate for me to point out that even Swarm zerg - who do not gather essence - are biologically immortal. Therefore, the biological immortality of the zerg comes from something else.
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