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In-game clock runs fast?

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I have been attempting some of the "Complete task ____ within X minutes" achievements, and this morning I attempted the one where you take out Zagara's base in 14 minutes. I looked at the clock when I started, and I completed the mission in something like 14-15 minutes. It was too high, but only just barely. But when I finished the mission, it said the time was something like 19:08. Is this normal? And if so, is there a way to make the game put an on-screen stopwatch or something?
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IIRC the clock will run relative to your gamespeed, with normal being normal time. If you are playing a faster setting, then the clock will run faster. You can enable the clock somewhere in the settings and it shows up above the minimap.
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Commonly called "Blizzard time", the in-game timer will run about 40% faster than a real second on the fastest game setting. This is something we all had to live with since... the beginning of StarCraft 1 actually.

There is a game clock option that can be enabled in gameplay options. Having it on is an essential tool.
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Having it on is an essential tool.

Which they forgot to provide when WoL came out with all its timed achievements. :-p
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Thanks for the update.
I am a newbie, playing on brutal and I thought I totally sucked.

A guy on a youtube video took 7 minutes and said he had a minute to spare.
I just could not figure out how he was collecting "Vespene" gas so fast.
I attempted to put 4 SCV's on the refinery, but it did not really help.

He made a mistake on that video that I was able to avoid.
I took 7 minutes also but was two minutes late on the game time.

I need to figure out if I have the AMD dual timer fix in?

The timers on older AMD dual processors usually have different count values which can cause problems with in game timing.

game speed factor = 1.0 normal speed

CPU #1 0000C234
CPU #1 0000D345 --> clock rate X (D345 - C234) X game speed factor = 1.00 minutes

CPU #1 0000C234
CPU #2 0000F2C5 --> clock rate X (F2C5 - C234) X game speed factor = 2.84 minutes

CPU #2 0000F2C5 --> F2C5
CPU #1 0000F567 --> clock rate X ( F567 - F2C5 ) X game speed factor =0.15 minutes

Game Elapsed time is 3.99 minutes.
AND Processor time is 3.00 minutes.

I would have expected the timer thread to be set to single processor affinity?
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