Few questions for playing on Brutal

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Trying to defeat the campaign on Brutal difficultly. Before I get too far into the missions I’m wondering if there are any “must” choices for purchases and techs. I’d like some advice on if I should get the automated vespene gas factory or the twin SCVs. I’ve always went with the vespene but I’m leaning towards the twin SCVs because of the fast economy and so many missions have a time limit.

I've read a few posts about the last mission. Basically if you take care of the air pick the psi disruptor and if you go worm get the mind controller.

I’m guessing it really only matter for the last mission. I used a strategy I found off of a YouTube clip that allowed me to easily win the last mission on hard and I’m wondering if it would work on brutal. I can’t find the video or I’d just link it instead of trying to describe it. Basically he just pulled his forces back and built I ton of flame turrets backed up by siege tanks. When Kerrigan would approach he’d use the crystal to kill any zerg with her and just used marines to attack.

Thank you
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The only choice of tech that would actually affect anything is the last zerg research. Basically, if you have disruptor, take out the air, if you have emulator, take out the worms. This doesn't mean, however, that if you do the opposite, it's game over. I've managed to beat air with no emulator and ground is easy even without the disruptor, hordes of siege tanks behind bunkers at correct choke points don't leave any chance to zerg, even if you slack some on the worms killing. If you play against air with no emulator, it's a bit harder, but still fully upgraded vikings are ridiculously OP with crazy range and AoE attack, and you don't need as many siege tanks as you need against ground. There are various tactics on how to deal with Kerrigan, starting with mass sniping with ghost and ending with stunnign with thors, none of those actually require any of the techs. Or the ridiculously easy spamming her with mind controlled broodlords, if you have the emulator, her silly AI would keep hitting broodlings, while you blast her away safely.

The rest of your research barely affects anything, even on brutal, the only mission I would call hard on brutal would be In Utter Darkness and it's not even terran. Yeah, sure, it's nice to have tech vessels for Engines of Destruction, but you can just mass cloaked wraith and wipe the last bases even before Odin gets there. Some researches would give you some luxury, like mining gas with no SCVs, so you can have more actual army, or instant supply depots, which would make sure you're never supply blocked, but once again, it's all luxury, and you can easily live without them.
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Thank you just wanted to be sure before I got to far into the campaign
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Speaking of "In Utter Darkness" any advice? I was doing fine until zerglings got loose into my production buildings.
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There are several strategies for it, some like to build DT walls and snipe overseers with phoenix. Some mass colossi, or voidrays. For me, mix of colossi/immortals/phoenix and as soon as carriers arrive, mass carrier worked on brutal + 750 additional kills. While protecting the archive I was spamming the high ground with cannons, as soon as archive was done I retreated to high ground.

In any case there are plenty of strategy guides on youtube with detailed explanations.
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I only play the Nydus version of All-In. Here's what I do for Research and how it helps me for Brutal All-In (if any):

Strike Turret - If I remember right, it's the same stats as a marine so it's like having an additional marine in the bunker. On All-In, I let the two (empty) bunkers on the artifact plateau help attract zerg attacks from the nydus worms that pop up there (I also put a Planetary Fortress up there to help). Those keep the attention of the zerg off the artifact.

Planetary Fortress - Great for All-In choke points. Because they are out front and shoot, they attract the attacks of the zerg keeping my tanks safe. And they're super tough (armor/HPs) and you can train SCVs for repair right on the scene.

Hercules - I only use it on The Moebius Factor. And, as far as I'm concerned, the alternative Predator is no good.

Cellular Reactor - I love it for the increase in starting energies and increase in max energy. Makes killing All-In Nydus Worms with Banshees a breeze. (I don't use the alternative Regenerative Biosteel because I use the Science Vessel in the Protoss research tree.)

Psi Disrupter - Only because I LOVE All-In Nydus version (can't you tell?). It's easily one of my fav missions in the game. Not a big fan of the Air version.

Ultra Capacitors - I like the faster shooting, that's about it! Your Siege Tank walls on All-In get that much stronger.

Micro Filtering - Speeds up gas collection, no need to say more! Can get your tanks out on All-In faster.

Automated Refinery - Can divert all SCV's to minerals, thus faster mineral collection, and can collect gas from far away geysers. Very helpful on Brutal Supernova. On All-In, it's 9 extra SCV's that can go staight to minerals. (The alternative Orbital Command Reactor is good too. With it, you can get your economy up quickly, but with the Mules from Orbital Command, I dont use it because a Mule is = 6 SVC's.)

Science Vessel - For repairing mech for free. (The alternative Raven is just as good if your more comfortable using it's abilities.)

Tech Reactor - Great for the fast creation of any unit at anytime. Great for All-In because you can pump out tanks and other needed units quickly.

For Swann's Armory Console Upgrades there's just so many possibilities. Here are just a select few that I like and why.

Orbital Command - Mules. Good at anytime.
Dual-Fusion Welders - Faster repair. Good for keeping PF's and Tanks alive on All-In

Stimpacks - 40 marines stim'd is equal to 60 marines. And that can smoke Kerrigan.
Concussive shells - Since Psi Disrupters only work on Zerg, this allows one to slow down the Protoss on those missions. Great on Brutal The Dig.

Both Siege Tank upgrades - Makes the best unit in the game into monsters. Add that to the faster shooting (Ultra Capacitors) and All-In can be a breeze. Fully upgraded Siege Breakers (both Swann's armory console upgrades and in-game armory upgrades) do 170 damage per shot (plus splash)!!!

Both Banshee upgrades - Makes the Banshee something to fear with added damage and virtually unlimited cloaking. Add that to the increased starting/max energy (Cellular Reactor), and they are great for killing Nydus Worms.

Crius Suit/Nyx-Class Cloaking Module - Perma-cloak for Ghosts/Spectres.

Anyway, that's how I often do things!
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For Brutal In Utter Darkness, I only
1) Build 10 more probes on each Nexus
2) Build a 3rd Robotics Facility and Robotics Bay.
3) Build 2 more Forge, 1 more Cybernetics Core. Fully upgrade both ASAP
4) Constantly make Colossi until max
5) And throughout, build a few Pylons/Cannons (not too many, don't want to hurt your economy) at the approaches to give each wave something to focus on instead of immediately going after my units. They will need rebuilding constantly. Once you max out on Colossi, you can spend the resources throwing cannons down all over the place.
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Something I noticed while doing a casual run through (in order to optimize it for brutal replays), is that the green units (the ones that arrive with heroes), don't appear to count towards your supply.
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