Lurker or Imapler

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+Dedicated Map Control.
+Movement speed is 3.38
+Extremely high potential DPS, 20 (30 Vs Light) damage times 8 max possible targets in a line.
-Creepers make Lurkers fairly useless, because Creepers can bounce from the frontline to a base to defend than back to the frontline.
-Not much use on the front lines other than to deal with pesky light Terran infantry being healed, but Swarm Host contains do this fairly well.

+HIGH Single-Target Damage. Great against armored units.
+Dedicated frontline support unit.
-Potential DPS of Impaler is significantly lower than Lurker.
-Not much use aside from frontal assault. Not capable of solo defense.

I went with the Lurker, damage output helped a lot better than I think Impalers would have, combined with my other choices.
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I found that enough imaplers can destroy bio easily due to their extremely powerful and pretty fast attack. It doesnt quite melt bio like a lurker but it is pretty close imo. I put about 3 impalers as base defense and that worked really well, only about 2 guys got through in the largest wave.
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They are both very effective units
But i prefer Lurker , while impaler does well only against mech , Lurker handles both bio and mech , very well I'd say

+ The lurker is a classic , even if the impaler would 1 shot anything , I'd still take the lurker ...
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i took lurker, aoe is always good
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I took Impaler. The first time I built a few was in the final mission when the Odin comes out to play. Beyond that? Corpser Roach/Hydralisk army pretty much steamrolled everything in its path.
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I took Lurker and then never built them again because Roach/Hydra/Baneling will pretty much A-move anything on Brutal.
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I never used them. I used static defense as static defense and ling/baneling/ultralisk for my army.
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Impaler is cooler imo, but Lurker is a classic. Is the range the same on both? Seems to me Impaler has 11 range, Lurker has... ?
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If you are achievement hunting and need to get the Speed Bump achievement where you kill the Odin before it is sent out, using impalers can kill it very quickly.
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I choose lurker because of brood war nostalgia. From my experience by playing brutal, Impaler seems more effective because of it's huge range.
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Kerrigan + wild mutation + 20 raptors can handle the largest ball of infantry that they will send at you on brutal. But impalers will destroy ALL mech faster than anything else. I set up about 15 impalers to defend Raynors base. I'm not even sure if the Odin got a kill.

Lurkers feel like more of a support unit to me. The type of unit that you will carry just behind your army. You NEED some extra units to deal with the heavier guys. But impalers can handle themselves pretty well, as long as there is no air. I send them off by themselves and they nearly destroy entire bases, so long as I keep the air units off of them with mutas or kerrigan.
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Impalers are very useful with their extremely long range and high damage. On the Stukov mission, they rip hybrid reavers apart very fast as well as the colossi that get sent your way. Fantastic for supporting static defense structures as siege tanks will set up outside the range of the static d, but if you position the impalers just ahead, they can pick apart the immobile tanks. I do like the move speed and aoe of lurkers, but I just never used them. I definitely use impalers.
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I do like the move speed and aoe of lurkers, but I just never used them. I definitely use impalers.

Ironicly, the only reason the lurkers appeared to move faster than lurkers was because that entire level where you tested them, impalers had normal terrain but lurkers got to abuse creep
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Impaler techs very well with swarm host when it comes to defense

I usually put some burrowed impalers + Burrowed swarm hosts in areas that my creep has not spread yet or is very hard to spread or I havent got crawlers up yet AKA some of Virophages in Infested and the Bile Launchers in Planetfall

The Swarm Hosts handle the light infantry while the Impalers deal with the heavy armor

All I need to do is put some hydras around for anti air and I got a mobile defense force
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Swarm Hosts tend to clump up enemy units for the Lurkers to splash to death. I think both of them sync up really well with Swarm Hosts.

I really want a custom map where you can get both evolutions together. Lurker/Impaler combos would be crazy.
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How are lurkers dedicated map control but impalers aren't? If anything Impalers are more so, because they have better range.
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Impaler are actually siege units. It's so satisfying annihilating whole bases using them.
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The impaler is like a siege tank while the lurker is like a perdition turret. Both are useful but if I have to pick I'm going with the siege tank.
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