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Hi Stratagy forum,
I've done the brutal campaign mostly with ease so far, but I really need help on the last mission, I just can't seem to be able to break the dominions last area. everytime I try I lose all my units and then all my hatcheries are destroyed in their next attack wave. Any tips on a good unit composition for this mission and how to defend against the attacks?
My evolution strains are:
Jumping banelings
Creep spawning teleporting Swarm Host strain (sorry, the name escapes me)
Noxious ultralisks

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!
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Swarm Queen + Ultralisk
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I'm... not sure where to start really. I also used raptors, and used a ton of Mutas and Ultras, however my ultras were of the Torresque variety.

My only suggestion is, try to send in attack waves when ever you release your allies. Their first attack wave is the strongest. When their attack wave is over and they are only streaming those few units, then use Raynors attack waves as back up.

Lastly, abuse Kerrigan's power. I found Apocalypse to be freaking ridiculous. Keep her active as much as possible, running to the enemy to nuke their bases. Apocalypse is free damage and saves you wasting units. With the combo I used, I actually mined out the map just A-moving troops. By the end, I only had about 100 supply or less troops. If I was far more active with having Kerrigan widdle away the enemy camps, I would've saved my reinforcements far more easily. Also consider using the Zergling reconstitution. Raptors are basically cracklings so having them auto re-spawn for free is a great move.

Lastly, the sooner and more aggressive you are at wiping the enemy forward bases, the lesser the waves become. You'll have more room sooner to keep expanding creep freely to help out Raynor and it becomes easier to defend your own bases. Just watch for those stupid reaper escort waves. They can be annoying, and reapers in the campaign still do retarded amounts of damage to light units (making your Zerglings mince meat)
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Banelings the answer is always banelings you will always have tons of gas and minerals during campaign try going swarmlings then banelings (hunter strain) to win the game.
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Creep spawning teleporting Swarm Host strain (sorry, the name escapes me)

Your answer is right here.

Choose their Burrow evolution. It's not flashy, but it mostly prevents them from being attacked (use Kerrigan's psi blast to pick off any science vessel detectors).

It's just like siege tank pushing, except easier since you can Tunnel forwards and inch your way in.

Alternately if you're getting stuck on the last part, morph a ton of banelings and yell "logalogalogalogalogalog" as you crash into the gate :D
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just keep making more ultra ling baneling (jump is right choice for both kinds of lings. I think noxious ultra is fine, but you will need the heal passive on them to make up for their fragility)

Use the ling reconstruction skill on Kerrigan, and I recommend drop pod for her ult. Use it every time you break a defensive area.

early game, send your units to defend James, and use Kerrigan to go solo the base on the right to get yourself an expansion. drone up as quickly as possible.

If possible, coordinate one of your big pushes with zamara, stukov, or dehaka (as in refrain from opening up their route until you're ready for a big push. They each give one big wave and then a little trickle, so make the most out of that wave.

when you are done goofing around and want to win, make 100 banelings and right click on the palace.
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Another easy way is to just turtle until you're at critical-mass mutalisks. Then you hug the left side of the map with them until you're as close as you can possibly get without engaging the bulk of the terran army, and just bum-rush the palace. It'll be destroyed before all of your mutalisks are.
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400 banelings with split evo and +100% dmg mutation=roll over the whole map.
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I simply massed Zerglings and Hydralisks (I was on Normal), and sent Kerrigan in as a one-woman army of death. I chose the drop pods and Psionic Shift as two of my abilities, and they are very useful. The Drop Pods give you an instant army on command, and Psionic Shift allows you to completely annihilate any cases where a bunch of units ball together (get Ability Efficiency, too, so you can use it three times in a row).
Seriously, Kerrigan can probably win this level entirely on her own, at least on Normal. Just use her and abuse her power, and it's pretty easy.
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lurkers and couple spore cannons to protect expos

mass ultralisk/infestor

use infestors to take control of bigger units (thors/battle cruisers)

was pretty simple
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