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Beta test: Shadowguard campaign

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Hi all, I'm making a custom campaign and just uploaded the first map on battlenet (requires HotS). It's called SHADOWGUARD Mission I: Routine Job.

This is the first scenario i make and publish so I'm not to fancy with triggers and still need a lot of help since the campaign is gonna use some bank files to handle persistent and unlockable research. It's a cooperative campaign though it can be played by one player. Still, the map is fully functional and the story doesn't seem affected by the lack of research points.

I'm asking anyone with the time to give it a try and give any feedback about the balance on the map. It's probably too easy but it's on normal difficulty and that's what i wanna implement with the feedback. Also any bugs please report and sorry if there are any. (they shouldn't be). Keep in mind that during this beta I'll be updating the map so if you search for it and you can't find it just try again in an hour. I'll be updating constanly (if necesary)

This is the link to the project page in case anyone's interested in helping:
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Hey, overall I think its pretty cool what you're doing. I played to a little after the zerg came down. Got killed by a banshee. Here's some comments I have:

1. Speaking of getting killed by banshees, those things seem really strong! Maybe a slight nerf is needed?

2. Not a huge fan of the camera style in this map. Would have preferred the regular way of doing it. It's not too bad, and maybe it just needs getting used to however.

3. It's kind of odd every single one of his abilities start on autocast. Also as far as balancing and such, are you intending that the character use cloak a lot, or for them to choose between using cloak and using abilities. There's no energy regen while cloaked, so it's pretty hard to save up energy without uncloaking. Wasn't sure if this was on purpose or not.

4. Reinforcements start back at the very beginning of the map. It takes a long time for the reinforcements to get back to your hero. And the zerg units seemed impossible to kill (especially the hydras since kinetic blast didn't one shot them) without the backup. They had crazy regen it seemed. So having to wait a long time for reinforcements to get there was annoying. Instead of starting them at the beginning, perhaps you should do a 15 or so second timer, then have reinforcements drop pod to you.

In it's current state, I gave it a 3/5 stars. It could definitely end up better if you give it some more polish :)
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I checked out your sc2 wiki page and saw your idea behind making the units have more realism, particularly in the damage they deal and receive. It's a cool idea, but I think the main part where it suffers is the balancing between that idea and making sure the player still has fun. Specifically, the powerful units can kill your hero fast, which automatically makes the player lose the game. Players don't like getting killed fast and suddenly, then having to start the whole map over. I suggest you at least create a hero revival system, or come up with something to combat that issue.
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